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    I've noticed that the louder a profile is when I initially load it, the more crisp and nuanced it will sound. Even if I take a quiet profile and turn up the volume, it isn't as defined.

    I'm wondering if there's a reason why some come louder than others, and if somehow this knowledge can be used to tweak the quiet profiles to sound better.

    I've noticed the Choptones and Sinmix ones come louder than most others. I noticed mbritt's are very quiet, and I haven't been able to make them work for me. There has to be some secret here. Sooo many people love mbritt, cili and others that are quiet..there has to be a tweak I'm missing.


    The sound through my Kemper's headphone out is better than through my interface's headphone out (Zoom UAC-2). I am currently running the guitar jack into the kemper input, then 2 XLR cables into the Zoom UAC-2, then the headphone is going through the Zoom's headphone output. I do this to hear the drum tracks in reaper as a sort of metronome for practice.

    Is there a way to set it up where I can get the drum sounds to go into the Kemper so I can use the Kemper's headphone out to listen while I play?

    As a related note, any tips on getting the interface out to sound better would be appreciated. I am running at 44 hz in stereo through Reaper. It is like a weakened signal sound compared to the Kemper out, I am guessing due to the input clip switch, but I can't find a setting below clipping that actually sounds nice and gainy like it does just straight through the Kemper. It sounds like it's lost gain and oomph. When I turn up the settings to where it clips on the interface, it sounds better, but it clips and pops. I think I read SOMEWHERE on here that XLR cables may be the problem and that SPDIF or the other 1/4 cables may be better, but I can only use the 1/4" cables since there is no SPDIF connection through the interface.


    Yea just to chime in on the studio pack vs the just play, I have a studio of the friedman now and a just play of the mesa mark 4. If you use multiple guitars, I highly recommend going for the studio pack as they use many different cabs and mics and you can find the best setup for each of your guitars (I use 3 very different guitars). The tweaking they do is light on the just play packs - not that it's not good or something, it's just stuff that kemper users should be able to do themselves. I also need to throw an EQ on the just play profiles, so it's the same for me. So the extra profiles in the studio pack is worth the extra $, if you are looking to get more than an essential pack.

    Dude number 81 on the essentials pack sounds like the God of Rock Himself came down and plugged in an axe designed in collab by every artist listed on the back of an Ernie Ball string package, and wailed away the greatest sounds ever heard. It's that good.

    Btw any tips on EQing learned by the just play packs? Since I have the essentials and am thinking hard about getting the full pack, I will miss out on whatever those mythical legendary tweaks are

    Thanks everyone. In the end Mike was kind enough to offer a refund. If I ever play at loud volumes I'll keep his profiles in mind as the base tones are without any issues. I guess for me at home with headphones it's just not the right match.

    Thanks for your advice and thanks to Mike for the stellar customer service!

    Thanks guys. I'll keep trying with the tips you mentioned. I never play live, so maybe this is just $40 wasted.

    I mainly play Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, Satriani kinda stuff but sometimes I play blues or VH, GnR - I guess a lot of different tones.

    Got the pack last week, have been messing with it and have really made no progress. Almost everything with gain sounds like mud on both my strat and LP, no matter what definition, pure cab, or bass cutting settings I use. I mean it just sounds like it's under blankets. The cleans are fine. Presence at 3 helps but then sounds a bit harsh from presence being that high.

    Also noticed after my purchase that most of these were in the free sample pack. I had tried the sample pack, wasn't impressed but kept hearing rave reviews and took the plunge. Wish I hadn't.

    I'm using AKG240k headphones.

    Anyone using these with headphones? How?


    I'm still new too, but here are a few things I have figured out:

    • Hold down the "output" button and then set the pure cab to 10.
    • On a profile, hold down the amp button and then set definition to 9.2. I say 9.2 because at 10 you lose some grittiness, but below 9 you get less presence.
    • On stomp 4 or the X button, press and hold it, then use the browse button to find the "EQ - cut thru the mix" control.

    These significantly increased clarity for my stuff.

    Also guidorist's profiles are the clearest I have heard.

    I usually set mids to +.3, treble and presence to +1. If the presence is too high, you will start getting fizziness.

    You can also try the low pass filter on the EQs like that cut through the mix thing. I'm not sure what is common, but I set it to around 55.

    As Forrest Gump might say, "I am not a smart man, but I do know what tone is." I am having a hard time getting the sounds I want out of the Kemper.

    I play with the K240 headphones, mainly playing overdriven leads. I have many profiles that I like the base tone of but I am having a hard time shaping the frequencies to sound clear/present yet not thin.

    I have seen guides that say "cut the bass by 3db" etc on the pre-gain or something, but I don't know where to access this setting. My problem is finding what buttons access what parameters and which order to go about in doing EQ.

    I have had some success with the graphic EQ on the X button, but I really am just turning knobs without knowing what I'm really doing and without any idea of what value ranges are standard.

    I have been using a "pure solo" boost in the stomps section at about 1.5 db volume which has helped bring a bit more responsiveness to pinch harmonics.

    Is there a very easy to understand, step by step guide already out there for this? It's pretty overwhelming for me right now.