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    I got the YM100 from Guido today!
    Here's my mini-review:

    If you want to sound like Yngwie, this is probably the best way to do it. I tried it out on my strat (more similar to David Gilmour's strat than Yngwie's: CS fat 50's neck and middle, and the SSL-5 bridge) and Pearly Gates LP.

    I noticed many things:
    1) You can get a pretty good Yngwie tone from a regular strat
    2) You will still want to go buy an Yngwie strat. It's pretty obvious some of that vowel sound he gets on the neck comes from the pickups.
    3) I cannot play Yngwie very well
    4) This gives an amazing tone for Cliffs of Dover and EJ stuff
    5) This is a good contrast to Guido's Marshall 800 - this nails the vintage Marshall lead tone, the 800 nails the modern, hi-gain Marshall tone
    6) The LP sounds great on it, just that old Marshall sound, not really Yngwie-like though

    This profile is very clear like all of Guido's stuff. It's not as present as the higher-gain amps of his, but that's the way this amp is. Think about Yngwie's tone vs Steve Vai's heavier tones, that's the difference I mean. If you're looking for that heavy Vai type tone, I really have to recommend the Road Queen Guido has - my personal #1 favorite profile. The YM100 is somewhere in the top 5, or at least will be until I get an Yngwie strat...

    Also, Guido is a super nice guy. Helped me out in reimbursing me when I wanted to trade in my single packs to buy his big pack and so on. Best profiles I have, and I'll be glad to keep supporting him in the future.

    The Yngwie profiles were one of my main reasons for choosing a kemper over Fractal, as what I heard on youtube was better on the kemper. Unfortunately that same profile (different profile maker) through my kemper sounded so muddy and cheap it was unplayable. I have the big pack from guidorist and love the clarity of the profiles - seriously anxious for the Yngwie profile.

    Hi! I have Kemper coming on Tuesday! I want to get a midi device to control my daw (4 buttons: start record, go back to start of timeframe, up/down tempo). I would also like it to be able to control the kemper at the same time, at least to switch between profiles and stomps.

    Would this be possible through only one unit such as the fcb-1010? Will I just need to get 2 midi devices?

    I was thinking fcb pedals 1-4 would be for the daw and 5-10 for the kemper. Maybe I could use some kind of midi signal splitter? Not sure what would work.