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    I've tried to find this in the manual but had no luck. My remote used to do this but now it doesn't for some reason, maybe it's rig specific.

    If I have My 5 footswitches set up with different patches and effects and let's say on my clean patch I want to leave Tremolo on for the whole song, how do I make it so when I switch between the clean patch and another one, the Tremolo stays on when I go back to it?

    At the moment I have to keep reactivating it every time I switch back to the clean.

    Thanks for the kind words Deadman! Yes! I do plan to profile my amp. I'm waiting on some Celestion T75s from 1985 to show up before I do that, just so I can get the best tone possible.

    I bought my Kemper 3 months ago, but I thought I would wait until I had done a gig with it before I posted a review, and that gig was on Saturday.

    I hadn't really run the Kemper through a PA until now, I had just been using it to trial tones and practice songs and do a bit of recording, all of which it does exceptionally well.

    I've been through a lot of gear over the years, and I'm stoked to say after all this time, the Kemper is a keeper. I tried an FM3 direct through PA and it just wasn't really my thing. It didn't sound right, especially on Plexi tones, and it was a real bitch to program, so I sold it on. I like modelers that are simple but has enough tweaking that goes just past the BMT controls on a regular amp. I think the amplifier settings on the Kemper are perfect for this. I have no trouble getting the exact sound I'm after. The EQ and the effects are top notch.

    I had an Atomic Amplifire too and that's no slouch.

    When I was setting up my patches for the weekend, I had the band PA hooked up in my shed and was scrolling through MBritts 69 Marshall pack until I found a tone that sounded good through our PA. I set up a few patches with EQ and effects, programmed the Remote and I was done. On Saturday we got some comments on how good we sounded, it was awesome!

    Up until this point, I had been using my Headfirst modded Marshall type head through 412 and Torpedo load box. The main problems with this is it was too loud, too much heavy gear and the sound wasn't very consistent from venue to venue. From now on, for me, it's just Kemper direct and IEM's.

    Very happy customer here. Thanks for listening!


    Amazing that someone buys a Kemper then looks for a cab other than the Kabinet. :P It's like buying an Armani suit without the pants.

    This makes zero sense.

    So it's ok to send a line to FOH (frfr) but your on stage monitor absolutely MUST be a Kabinet?

    What an awesomely helpful answer, thanks man!

    Simulating the pick attack parameter.

    Correct me if I'm likely wrong here, but I'm thinking the pick attack function is just a compressor in disguise. I know with the axe fx this is certainly the case, its been discussed on their forum in the past.

    I really like this function to make certain tones pop more.

    I want to translate this effect to my tube rig with a compressor in front of my amp, but I'm terrible with compressors! I usually just adjust them willy nilly until they sound right. So what settings would you recommend to get the pick attack effect?

    I have a Torpedo Captor X load box that I recorded a couple of tracks on for my bands last album. You can get great results with the captor but you need to use decent IRs.. I found York Audio IRs are the best out of the hundreds I've tried hands down.

    I've only had my Kemper for about 6 weeks, and I love the thing. The tones from good profilers such as M Britt and Bighairyprofiles are just plug and play with minimal eq'ing compared to the Captor where I had to set up eqs for bloated lows and high end fizz removal. The Kemper sounds and feels more natural to me. I'll probably sell my Captor.