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    it was endemic if you read posts from 2022 or before ;) it's a pity you couldn't realise I predicted the Kemper player on 2022, that was my point. Anyway happy that the software works so perfect in your profiler, in mine too, I can't say I had terrible situations but sometimes shit happens and I will not denied because I paid for it and it's good to acknowledge this for the best of a product with updates.

    By the way my shitty cable is the one that came with the profiler and I disconnected or moved it 3 times since I bought the profiler

    About the stage if you read good I'm referring about paying 1500 euros to put it on the floor of an Irish pub... to picture a bit my meaning.. "big dangerous expensive full pedalboard size device if you play little venues"

    If I start playing live again, the player will be the start point of my pedalboard for sure!


    Hi, I suppose a Kemper 2 will happen at some point. seeing how slow is getting my profiler who never went out of the top of my piano, never disconnected from my computer, never had more than a profile for a guitar and another for the bass and almost not overuse on effects since I have dedicated pedals. The remote freezes, rig manager sometimes doesn't recognise the Kemper, sounds changing from updates... If that is the top of what a Kemper can do, perfect! I was happy 5 years ago for what I paid, and I receive more than enough and I will not change it because it's what I use and it works most of the times for me, I mean 90% of the time lately.

    That's why if this company decides that a new product can bring more stability for the next 10 years I'll be more than happy to purchase and follow. I always thought about a pedal form device that can handle profiles and adjustments. So Kemper profilers keeps being what it is with the added value of profiling/studio machine and the option of stage, rack or head, but in 2022 nothing should be bigger than a (double?)pedal for a rig and the stage is a big dangerous expensive full pedalboard size device if you play little venues.

    Obviously my point is from a hobby perspective but also beginners and students view and they don't have 2000 + guitar to start. The technology is there, now it's time for an updated device. My Kemper will stay on the top of my piano being my neighbour-friendly recording home studio amp. Only if it breaks I'll change it, but now expecting a long term device in the future, there is nothing wrong on that, I think.

    How do you guys use pedals in your Kemper rigs? "Physically" in front/after or in a Kemper loop?

    For TS/distortion/fuzz works better for me before the Kemper. Modulation/delays/reverbs pedals sound perfect in the stereo loop. Anyway, all the advances in effects the last years are really good with the updates in the Kemper. I like to combine them.