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    Personally, I find modern tones and hard EQ'd guitars and basses much harder to nail than the good old ones from EC, JH, Knopfler, SRV, EVH, Rory, Maiden, DC/AC etc. because their equipment was limited. You always find a good starting point.

    I even do not understand what people find about the Mayer tone (which is great) - it's all about clean amps or ODS overdrives and PLAYING STYLE.

    Based on my usage I do not need a full blown editor. What I definitely would use would be a kind of extended Rig Manager with more possibilities to store (Folders!) and sort Rigs, Performances and Stomps (!). E.g. one folder for each band, record project, genre, you name it ...

    Let me make this clear with an use case:

    I profile my amp to get a great lead tone. When I finish the first profiling run, I store the rig. Now I use Rig Manager to edit the tags. Next step is using several Stomps und EQing the Stack section. It would be awesome to be able to do this using an editor, especially with a graphic EQ, otherwise I'd have to switch Pages all the time. I have about 400 Presets of Delays, Wahs etc. in there. Scrolling trough all of them is annoying. If I would be able to pick the stomp-slots in Rig Manager ... oh boy this would be great. :D Nevertheless ... my point is: you do not need to program an UI in Rig Manager for each stomp effect, changing detailed parameters is way easier on a physical knob. But being able to (pre-)select Presets and Stomp Types in Rig Manager would be it. There definitely are stomps, where a graphical UI in Rig Manager would make sense like Graphical EQ or Wah-Wah and so on. But you can implement these step by step.

    After this I do not need this rig in my performances for my big band so I want to store it in the right folder. I would have 3 folders, for example: Band A, Band B, Amps (where I have one amp per performance from Clean to Clean+ to Crunch to Rhythm to Lead). Therefore it would be useful to "lock" the stomps section over each single performance (but that is low priority).

    Copy / Paste of Stomps in Rig Manager would be great and much easier than dialling in the knobs on the KPA.

    JM2C (not JP2C :D ) - What do you think of this?

    After updating the KPA to the newest FW version I have huge problems with volume levels. All the volumes of the clean profiles are way too low while all of the distorted profiles have the same volume as before. Even when I turn the volume knob (NOT Master Volume) all the way up, it is not enough. I did not modify Clean Sens.

    Clean Sens = 6.8
    Dist. Sens = 0.0
    (Low Output Strat PUs)

    Do you have any ideas what I could have done wrong? :/ I need it live tomorrow and though that updating would be okay, but ... :S

    When I bring the Kemper to play with new musicians I always hear to be more "present" than other guitarists ... and I don't mean volume ... other musicians - in most of the cases, especially hobbyists - are not used to hear a clear guitar sound out of their monitor compared to a muffled 12 inch speaker in any corner of the stage flooding it with muddy bass ... a singer hated it and even asked me to bring a regular combo ... holy? I mean, you can just adjust your mix in any direction you want to with the Kemper more than with most of the gear ... (of course with other modelers / DI-Boxes too ...)

    There are 3-way footswitches with stereo jacks out there.

    Switch 1: Tip
    Switch 2: Ring
    Switch 3: Tip + Ring

    Please make it possible to use Switch 3 as a separate functional switch. Status Quo is, that if you press S3, it has the same effect as if you would have pressed S1 and S2 synchronously.

    Is there anything new on this? Most of the time I do not need the whole bandwidth of possibilities which come with the Remote. It's enough for me the be able to switch between slots of a performance via footswitch (Clean - Gain). I can change performances by hand between the songs if I need to. Which footswitch should I buy? In the KPA menu, where you can set actions for the connected switches / expression pedals there is only "Rig down / up" available and no "Slot left / right". Is the slot changing possible with FW 5.2.X? Am I missing something?

    i doubt that this happens just like that, not with the latest update. please contact support by email.

    In happens only when RM and KPA are used simultaneously. If RM is only used for renaming and not for reordering it syncs. I will contact support if I am able to reproduce the problem. The software is definitely up to date. I checked this after your hint.

    I get the error when the Profiler is in Performance Mode. If the Profiler is in Browse Mode while editing Slots in Rig Manager everything works as it should. I use Copy / Paste on the Mac, maybe this causes some confusion.

    Today one slot I dialed in (and I saved in the Profiler) was overwritten with some other rig ... ;(