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    the following is all thru Rig Manager :

    what I mean is that if I were to right mouse pop over the "cabinet" icon for any particular patch i now see only 6 were I recall having a lot more options, if go to "all presets" which shows as 42 , of those 42 I find 13 cabs and I thought I read somewhere that the Profiler comes with 18 provided by Celestion.

    embarrassed to say I don't know how to go about deleting a cabinet , so I can't imagine how I could have done so but perhaps

    I have not checked if the actual Profiler ie. the hardware shows a different set of cab options than what Rig manager does, I'll check that first and then contemplate a system reset of the profiler, thanks

    The PROFILER user interface allows to browse cabinets from two different sources: Presets and From Rigs.

    Presets are what you store as a cabinet preset. Very similar to effect presets. The preset browser screen offers the usual Delete button. The PROFILER comes with 18 cabinet presets preinstalled based on IRs provided by Celestion. These also appear in Rig Manager at All Presets/MyProfiler with Preset Class=Cab. In Rig Manager you can select multiple of these presets and delete these in one go. You create a cabinet preset in Rig Manager by dragging the Editor cabinet module representing the cab currently loaded and drop it at All Presets.

    "From Rigs" represents selective browse. That means you browse through all Rigs in your browse pool just picking the cabinet piece from those Rigs. Selective browse does exist for cabinet, amp as well as stack. If you intend to reduce this cabinet pool, you need to delete Rigs, which is porbably not, what you want. To have a small selection of favorite cabinets, presets is the way to go.

    so i meant just to quote where it says that 18 cabs show up, and indeed they used to, but I suppose after the latest firmware update i installed , what used to be 18 cabs is now down to 5, hadn't paid attention but I just got a Kemper Kabinet and I'm eager to check out how it sounds with the various possible cabs and want to check all 18 :)

    Any ideas where these all went ?



    well I was actually thinking of selling the Rivera so that I could finance a powered Kabinet, but then I got "attachment" remorse :),

    Also it seems to me that amps are just harder to eBay :) , its really heavy , the shipping costs must be crazy.

    My other thought was to drive an un-powered Kabinet currently available at Sweetwater with my Samson servo 120A which would allow me to eventually have a stereo setup with the profiler

    but thanks this was useful, it saved me time and potentially a bad move had I not stopped to ask you all that know better

    I have a Rivera combo amp with a Celestion G12T-85.

    I'm intrigued by the idea of Kemper Kone which apparently could be used as a replacement speaker.

    However, I don't get how I would be able to utilize its capabilities i.e. being able to use any one of the I think 19 speaker imprints.

    Would I just inline my non powered Kemper profiler into the effects loop and I believe turn off the monitor cab function ?

    Also the Rivera has a second speaker out would it be then possible to expand my setup by hooking up a Kemper Kabinet to the second speaker slot ?

    recap, use a Kemper Kone for the original Celestion speaker and also extend the combo amp via hooking up a Kemper Kabinet to the second speaker output on the combo amp with the Kemper effectively an "effect" within the effects loop of the Rivera.

    BTW, the Rivera has an impendence switch which allows for 4 or 8 or 16 ohms.

    Does this make sense ?

    Is this the way ?

    Is there a better way ?

    thanks for the help.


    interesting, the issue sort of went away when I selected via Rig Manager another preset for the Wah, which I believe was "Cry" , Rig Manager does not show what the actual preset selection is apparently, that preset for Pedal Mode option has "touch", when I put the Wah (Stomp A currently) on "on" it does behave more like the full rangy analog Wah I'm used to tho for some reason the tuner will not show up in full heel position also the overall gain seems to drop, whereas in "touch" the tuner does show up in heel position but the wah seems stuck in a finite or very small finite frequency range , although the gain is back to what its set for the Kemper patch

    it seems that I just need to read up quite a bit more, very flexible , but there's a learning curve

    thanks again , I changed both settings as you described and I'm now able to change to flip between vol and wah.

    The only issue is that the wah doesn't quite behave the way I'm used to it, I'm sure that's because of how the Wah specific patch must be set.

    There's actually a dead spot as one moves the wah closer to the top, volume drops but a nudge past that and it comes back but subdued as if gain also was dropped, if I bring back to the bottom I get wah , full vol , and all of the gain of MBritt 77 Mars 50 80 1

    I'll play around with it, but thanks for getting me back on track

    I'm sorry I'm definitely missing something , been thru a couple long vids but still i have a gap somewhere.

    I have a Mission Pedal , set on Pedal 1 as Vol pedal, Pedal2 as a mono switch on Stomp A where I have a wah. Switch off of Wah is set to tip and that works.

    However, what is happening is that effectively the pedal always act as a Vol pedal , so even though I may have the Wah active , when I try to "wah" i.e. work the actual pedal up and down, I get both a respective increase/ decrease in vol and the wah frequency sweep, so the effect is that when I work the pedal to the heel the vol is decreased and thus the effect of the wah is decreased i.e. can't hear it because obviously the vol is decreased. Not what I"m looking for.

    What I'm trying to achieve is the same old school scenario I have with my analog setup i.e. I can turn off the wah, and when that is off the pedal acts as volume pedal, otherwise it acts as wah pedal with a consistent volume level across the frequency range. I'm sure this is a typical desired objective , so can anybody refer me to docs or vids that explain to accomplish this?

    BTW, I'm hoping that I can achieve this vol or wah on the Mission EP-1 , because on the FCB1010 when I get the Uno4Kemper I hope to be able to use the two pedals there for two other functions, namely pitch bend and morph.


    thanks Alan,

    I have had the Kemper now for about 3 years now but I only use it from in my home studio where I rely on Rig Manager to grab the right patch I need for whatever I may be recording.

    I get that the FCB1010 drives via cc and that the Mission uses those two dedicated jacks on the Kemper but I guess what I failed to mention is there's one little complication i.e. that I just purchased the uno4Kemper eprom for the FCB1010 which maintains a bi-directional sync to the Kemper.

    Point being, if I setup a patch on the Kemper where I have where I have a e.g. pitch bend, morphs of something, on two of the stomp/effect slots respectively , will those line up with the FCB1010/uno4Kemper pedals ? and then can I at the same time use the Mission EP to control volume/wah ?

    Now that I re-read the above its starting to sound like a question for the Uno folks but maybe you can add your 2 cents again for which I would be very grateful.


    I'm sure the answer is yes you can , but there's gotta be some snags to be aware of and I wonder what those are.

    My understanding is that with the Mission Expression pedal I can do what I'm used to with my Budda pedal i.e. switch from volume to wah, but also it would allow me to turn on/off one stomp. Therefore, it would make sense that I would use the two pedals on the FCB1010 for something else, such as for example morph and pitch bend.

    I already own an Fcb1010 but I'm about to purchase the Mission expression pedal but want to make sure that what I outline above is possible.

    thanks for the feedback.


    thank you for your super fast response.

    Indeed , the issue was the usb cable was dislodged enough on the PC side that it prevented communication to the Kemper.

    Pushing it back in so that it was fully seated on the jack made it work properly again.

    It seems that Kemper Editor does know that there is something wrong since it programmatically disables the menu item:

    "load into editor and preview" so perhaps displaying some sort of status warning to the user that there's no communication with the Kemper would be a nice feature.

    hi all

    today I opened Rig manager to change from my stock clean sound to something different and I find that

    I can't actually change rigs i.e. I double click and the details views shows the appropriate info but the editor does not open nor does it change the rig on the kemper

    furthermore the menu over the items shows "load into editor and preview" as disabled.

    Nothing to my knowledge has changed with my system.

    First inclination is to verify that midi is working.

    It works for the Toast app so the midi pipes seem to be ok.

    I can't find any preferences on the Kemper editor that deal with midi although that doesn't seem to be the issue .

    Any ideas ?



    Hi, I believe that I have seen this on multiple patches but currently I'm recording with "Tills Recto Clean 2".

    I record 2 tracks simultaneously , one's the Kemper SPDIF output , and I'm not sure that the other stereo pair is probably main out.

    both recorded in stereo, what occurs is that the right side has about a 3db bump in level.

    Just wondering what parameters on the Kemper may control that behavior.

    I haven't messed at all with the internals of the Kemper i.e. so far just rely on the patches I download.

    Perhaps the issue is in my hookup to my Apollo 8 but that seems setup OK.

    thanks in advance

    No, and up to now I would not have thought of it i.e. connecting my headphones to line out level jacks, but your feedback led to check my Apollo console and sure enough from an old session not oriented towards a Kemper hookup I had those inputs setup to Mic level, I also found that I needed to jack up the signal on the console to bring it up to an appropriate level. i.e. once I had switched the inputs to LINE level, I'm guessing I can do that at the Kemper.

    So thanks

    I have main outs , mon out, Direct output, and SPDIF all hooked up to my Apollo and they are configured as follow

    Main outs Mon Out Direct Output SPDIF
    Master Stereo Master Mono Guitar Analog Guitar Studio

    I get signal on all but main outs, however it seems that I only "hear" the direct out i.e. as hooked up to my Apollo, regardless of what Rig I'm on.
    I can confirm that if I connect directly to the headphone jacks on the Kemper that I do hear the various rigs as I browse