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    I'm not sure if this has been covered already.
    When I'm switching from recording/practicing to reampling, I find my self loosing precious time setting input and output (from front input to spdif, from git studio to main stereo...).
    It would be great to store several scenarios and switch between them (gig, recording, reamp, practice...).

    Greetings :)

    Hi everyone! Glad to be here

    I'm finally a kemper user. I traded all my amps (JCM800, Twin Rv SF, Vox AC30, Deluxe Rv, Mesa 5:50) and get a kemper rack with remote foot controller. All those amps have been either at my home gathering dust or at my rehearsal place, where the only one that finally worked out in the band sound is actually a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which is the cheapest one.
    The kemper will be at home for recording and practicing purposes.
    I still own a Digitech GPS2101 that I bought used around year 96 (I think). I's actually the same filosofy as the kemper (far more complicated), but 25 years ago (I still remenber my very first gig where the sound engineer told me "listen, where is your amp?I've not seen anything like that before, this is not the way!).
    I still enjoy very much playing with my band with an amp, but playing at home my kemper with headphones is amazing. GPS2101 still sound very well, but the sound palette you get with the kemper is infinite, and if you have a good profile, it really does sound like the original.
    This is taking too long, sorry. Just finishing. I've tryed several packs and the ones from Top Jimi are absolutelly gourgeus, IMHO.
    Kemper is such a good sounding maschine, guitar pre+FX doesn't really improved that much in 25 years since my GPS2101, but kemper really does make a difference (I have not tryed Helix, Axe, etc. They could make a difference too).
    That's all.
    Greetings for everyone, nice to be here!

    Matchbox is not a spring reverb, it is a small room reverb.

    Kemper does have a small room reverb already, Matchbox sounds like spring reverb to me, IMHO. Even the name seems to refer to that. It is mono, it is fluttering...

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    It wasn't my intention to bump this thread, just wanted to point out that a convolution rvb would be great.

    For those who really need a spring reverb, there are software plugins for recording scenarii or pedals like the Strymon Flint (in the loop of the Kemper) for live performance.

    You are right, nevertheless it would be great to implement it.

    I'm really missing some good spring RVBs too! While Matchbox is trying to reproduce a general spring reverb, it's too poor IMHO, sounds to me close to the RVB that my old JCM800 4210 had, which was pretty awful. But the reverb tanks on my Twin Reverb SF, my AC30 CCH or my Boogie 5:50 were just glorious!

    Been such a crucial aspect in the sound of an amp, they should put some attention in the improvement of that section, using convolution reverb profiles, according to the philosophy of this unit, IMHO, but that would be very DSP hungry, I guess.