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    Mystery solved!
    Pushing LOCK alone button wont solve the problem. it has to be pushed Simultanously together with the STOMPS button to freeze the effects to a preset in the Performance.
    Also important is to push Store and Exit after you are finished editing the preset. When you want to change the Amp for the next preset (1 to 5) in a Performance mode, you would have to push Store and Exit after each modification.
    If not, you will copy all Stomp box settings from the first (1) preset onto the next presets (2 to 5).
    So before proceeding, always good to have a backup :)
    Thanks for all good input!

    So, I have finally set a selection of amp, cabinet, stomps and effects in Performance mode. I can change stomps and effects, modify parameters of these without any problem.
    Then I think I want to select another amps, using the Browse knob. If doing so, I loose all my Stompboxes and their settings!
    Thats not good, is it? Any way of changing amp in Performance mode without messing up my already configured stomps?