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    I own both. I’m the sort that always wants a back-up. I didn’t want two of the same. V8guitar is spot-on about the powered unit. If you buy a KPA, get the powered version.

    Of course there are pros and cons for both, they take a different approach. That said, both are great. At this moment, there isn’t an Axe-FX III foot-controller - but it will ship in autumn. There isn’t a software editor from Kemper for the KPA. Yes, differences with fx. But I don’t use them much. I can get a cranked amp sound, by crankin the profiled/modeled “amp”.

    Both devices sound terrific. Really, terrific. For what it’s worth, I run both using the same strategy: I use their main outputs to FOH, usually using the Ownhammer JBL D120 IR. Also for both units, I send a monitor-out to a SS amplifier. In the case of the KPA, it’s the integral SS Class D amp. For the Fractal, I’m using a Crown. For both, I use a Z-Best 2x12 cabinet loaded with two JBL D120 speakers. Therefore, except for the different SS amps, my comparison is apples-to-apples.

    Bottom line: I love the Kemper KPA and I love the Fractal Axe-FX III. I’m a die-hard amp guy, and have a roomful of amps purchased originally, for next to nothing (which is why I first bought the KPA). Both Kemper and Fractal units sound great night-after-night. On the other hand, my amps have always sounded different night-after-night, presumably affected by the barometric pressure, lol?

    I would like to transition from using the released December 2017 Profiler OS (5.4.1) to the latest June 2018 beta Profiler OS version (

    If I’m running the latest version of Rig Manager, can I simply jump to the newest beta update?

    Thanks in advance for direction/guidance.

    If I have saved a Performance Rig on my

    And I copy that rig and paste it to other Performance Rigs using the Rig Manager editor;

    Will I have multiple copies of the Toaster’s saved performance rig (or some other version)?

    If not, how should I proceed? I have edited a great rig while in Performance mode. I want to use it for multiple performances.

    Hi all. Quick question, maybe obvious or maybe not. Do people tend to use beta versions when they perform live? I’ve had my KPA since last September. I’m interested in the features of the beta OS 5.5, but don’t know if I should run with it. I’m not doing much fancy work live, and I like to be safe, but I also desire the latest improvements (it’s my nature).


    Hi all.
    I had to go two routes for this symptom.

    During rehearsals;
    in Performance Mode;
    and as activating a foot switch...

    1. Remote went dark
    2. Profiler froze on one rig
    3. Profiler controls were not functional.
    4. Had to pull power.
    5. Several quick restarts would not help.
    6. Waited one minute, and restart worked.

    This happened several times.

    I called for tech support the next morning.
    1. Was told to test with another Cat5 cable.
    2. Was told to try to capture the fault info file.

    And here was the interesting part of the discussion:

    Perhaps ignorantly, I always had my Profiler connected to Rig Manager (USB), and had the USB flash drive running in its port as well. I was asked, to not always have all three connections simultaneously. I’m not entirely clear if I understood the explanation thoroughly, and it was over two months ago so my memory has dimmed, but I recall it has something to do with with the logical management of the power and/or polling of the three systems simultaneously.

    I acquired a replacement cable.
    I no longer power the USB drive and run Rig Manager when using the Remote for long periods.

    The “events” have not returned (knock on wood!).

    I own both a KPA and FAS AxeIII. I play live, and the KPA still holds the edge.

    All of this stuff is absolutely top-notch equipment. There’s a lot to be said, for not buying the latest. I’m an automotive guy. I never, ever buy the latest new car. It’s not because of quality. It’s because of value. But I realize, that it’s difficult to resist. The only advice I’ll offer: don’t pass up the KPA because it has been in production for a few years. It is fabulous. I get comments from the musicians in the audience all the time.

    According to the link you provided... a Celestion Vintage-30 is a nice speaker, and an open-back cab is always sweet. If you keep the power reasonably down, you should be fine. Turn cab IR off for the power out, since you have a real speaker and cabinet.

    I had the exact same issue happen last week to me last week, as described by the OP. I was thinking it’s the cable, and contacted KA-USA for a new cable. So is this a remote issue? My problem was the same, as well as how it “fixed itself”. What should I do?