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    I don’t think it’s a gain issue. The profiler is connected to my interface via S/PDIF and this removes output levels from the equation. It’s also not specific to MixIR, as I get the same results if I load the IR into Space Designer. I can increase input levels and reduce output levels, and vice-versa, but the result is the same. The Kemper is definitely shaving bass off the impulse response.

    I’m trying to use direct profiles with my own impulse responses. I can play through the direct profile with the cab section turned off, with the profiler’s main output plugged into my computer, which has the IR loaded into a plug-in (RedWirez MixIR3), and it sounds great. But if I remove the plug-in from the equation and import the IR into Rig Manager and load it into the profiler, it sounds like there’s a significant bass frequency roll-off. It sounds completely different loaded into the Profiler than it does running in MixIR3.

    Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Is this normal? Is there some setting on the profiler that needs changing in order for impulse responses to sound correct?

    I have a 65 reissue Fender Twin, and I'm trying to create a direct profile to use with various IRs that have been converted to Kemper cabs. I've connected a Kemper DI box between the amp and the speakers as directed, and connected it to the return input of my Profiler. Every time I try to profile this amp as a "clean" amp, the Kemper detects distortion during its profiling process, and creates a distorted profile that sounds nothing like the amp.

    I have taken the direct out into my computer's audio interface and can confirm that the direct signal sounds clean, so it's not a problem with the DI box. I can successfully create a clean profile by turning down the treble on the amp, but of course, this defeats the purpose of trying to capture the exact tone I want.

    Can anyone provide advice for how to properly capture a clean direct profile?

    Does anyone know if there are any profiles available of the Hiwatt DR105? The DR105 was a version of the DR103 that was built specifically for sale in Canada in the late 70s -- the DR103 was switchable between 115V (North America) and 230V (British) power, but Canadian regulations required that this feature be removed and the amp be hard-wired for 115V. So Hiwatt built the DR105 just for Canada, and other than this one change, it was identical to the DR103 (specifically, the 2-input version from the tail end of the 70s). However, although they were identical to the DR103 when they left the factor, the Canadian distributor for Hiwatt modified every amp that came in by wiring the output of the bright channel into the input of the normal channel.

    I have been looking for a model of this sound for a while now; I strongly believe that Alex Lifeson of Rush used this amp primarily on the albums Hemipheres and Permanent Waves. Does anyone know of an available profile of one of these amps?