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    I had a dream... Of profiling my amp BUT including combination of 20 values of gain (or 22!), different EQ-Presence settings combinations and why not different master volume...

    1- We know profiles are very light files, easy to switch between for the kemper so having a "multi-profile" could be possible, with for example 10,000 profiles for all combinations (gains, eq, mics etc) in just one simple multi-profile.

    2- Using the profiler would be more accurate when changing gain, eq, as the profiles would automatically change, maybe with morph between them to avoid jumps in values, with an accuracy percentage level showing

    3- BUT HOW make so much profiles without becoming crazy??!!!

    My solution is simple =

    Kemper 2 would be shipped with an AKC "Automatic Knob Controler" who would change automatically and physically the value of the knob, turning them with a little motor on a little device you'll put on the knobs. Would cost nearly nothing! Kemper 2 could operate them to scan all the settings progressively on a automatic process (spending 20 hours for multi-profiling amp for example)

    4- We can imagine a "auto-refine with a similar device attached to the guitar to refine automatically each profile with a similar motorised process)

    That would allow the kemper user to simplify profiles storage and search in a seamlessly process. Would act like a real amp when turning the knobs!

    it could be an option for guys who offer professional profiles as well.

    Kemper II must innovate. This would be a great feature and would simplify our lives.

    What do you think?

    Still contemplating after more than 1 year since your first post? ;)

    Can't imagine how much music you could have made on the Profiler since then.

    To be honest, I think people coming from the Fractal camp have become pretty paranoid due to the "frequent" releases of new gear while in Kemperland people just keep using and enjoying their Profilers since more than 7 years. How great is that? We not only bought amazing technology but also a good amount of "peace of mind".

    Yes in fact I made a lot of music using Scuffham S-Gear, and Neural DSP stuff (Fortin, Nameless,plini) and many others... and spent the price of a Kemper...!

    But now I know I have to move again for a Hardware unit (had AxefxII and III but didn’t find them way better than s-gear or Mercuriall plugins...!)

    But Kemper YouTube videos have this classic record sound I want

    Hi, I’m about to buy a Kemper OR a FM3.

    -For the sound, on YouTube I prefer most of the time Kemper sounds (did a blind test with 70+ samples and I can recognize the AxeIII sound most of the time, it’s like the sound was always with a little chorus effect, Kemper sound really like an regular amp, more analog, in fact it sound like all the records I love from 70-80s)

    But for the form factor, screen, audio interface, and rough horse power I’m attracted by the FM3 and many users are describing a better amp feel in the room compared to Kemper...

    - for Kemper I, I know the DSP is running out of production and will be discontinued in 2020 or sooner, and had the same experience with AxeFxIII rumors when EVERYBODY (Cliff included) arguing that they had DSP chips I’m stock for “ten years”.

    It was bullshit and fractal released axefxiii with a new Motorola dual DSP like expected by guys like me.

    So it appears that K I is at the end of its life and K II is going to be the solution against FM3 competition with Ares amps that sounds pretty good, better effects, usb audio interface, pedalboard, better screen, shiny brand new... for less money and better user interface/functionalities...

    So yes I’m still debating if it’s the moment to buy a Kemper knowing the probability to see a KII coming is higher that ever...

    For now I’m like 51% FM3 49% K

    Hi, I’m new and from the Fractal side ;)

    But I really want to buy a Kemper. But to be honest I bought and AxeFX2 and just 8 months later AxeFXIII is coming and if I had to choose I would have wait for this new one. (Just resold Ax2 and on the waiting list for Ax3... wasted 800€)

    Remembering Fractal team telling everybody on the forum that they didn’t have ANYTHING in the pipelines, and AxeFX2 would be here for 10 years before and update, claiming TigerSharc DSP stock were enough to feed one generation of guitarists ;)

    Si now I want a Kemper 2 with plenty of novelties, editor, iOS app (even Fractal is working on official app for unhappy third party french app at €50!!), better effects and dsp power for them and innovation, bigger screen etc...

    The question is would you wait or buy a Kemper 1 wich is old for a piece of technology?