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    Hello everyone,

    I know this has been covered before, and yet after watching all the videos, forum threads, reading the manual etc - I still cannot get my was to be linear.

    I've got my wall set up perfectly and easily. Challenge I have is that 80% of the effect is in the first 20% of travel of the pedal (ep1-kp). Seems like a very simple calibration issue yet when I go to that pedal calibration - yes the one for the wall and not the switch - It doesn't make any change.

    I'm starting to wonder whether each different wah effect I select has a different feel and action in its response? It doesn't seem like it they all move from 0to 100 in the first 20% of the travel of the pedal.

    I have two of these petals they both react exactly the same way. I've auditioned virtually all of the wa affects and they all react exactly the same way.

    Appreciate any assistance!

    It seems you guys are going around in circles here I had to chime in. The same exact question....

    Let's say I select a wah and I try it out by selecting from the list:

    So if I selected Cry Whip, tried it for a few minutes but wanted to try something else, if I go through that whole scrolling through selection process - Once I arrive at the individual affect variations available, it does not indicate which one is currently in use.

    I may be missing something. Not the first time!

    I am quite fluent with profiler & rm backups. But what I can't seem to do use 100% cloud transfer from one unit to there other.

    I have a stage in my studio (recording), and another one for on the road for live use.

    When playing either, I am constantly tweaking settings and when the session is done, I want to go to RM, backup everything and drop it in a cloud folder.

    When I then arrive back to the other unit, I [want to] fire up RM, reach out to the cloud, and grab the backup and completely overwrite the profiler I am working with that day.

    Two units, far apart, constantly updated/overwritten ... Back and forth, back and forth.

    Yes I could backup to usb, unplug, plug, carry, etc. but it would be very slick to simply go to rig manager, do a complete backup, drop it into a shared folder on my computer so wherever I go on the world it’s sync'd up waiting for me

    All the parts and pieces seem to be there but I can’t quite figure it out...

    Appreciate input, assistance!

    WOW - thanks so much everyone. Lots of great input here and I will take the response to keep it simple - the focus should be playing not dancing on a pedalboard. I may need to create a couple of performances that require 5 slots of very specific tone (intelligent pitch shift solo stuff), but I *should be* able to keep it together with just a couple (famous last words!)

    APPRECIATE! :thumbup:

    I searched the forum for a thread on this - but no luck:

    So I have used Kemper's for a few years now. I'm ALWAYS in browser mode for gigs, managing to use a single rig and morph to get [almost] everywhere I needed to go at a gig.

    I have decided to finally take the plunge to use performance mode, but struggling with the slot order implementation ....

    > Do you use each slot sequentially to move through the song?


    > Do you keep each slot as a constant instance per song? Meaning:

    Slot 1 = Intro

    Slot 2 = Verse

    Slot 3 = Chorus

    Slot 4 = Bridge

    Slot 5 = Solo

    Each approach leaves holes in my [tiny] brain for effective navigation/implementation. Appreciate any insight!


    Using my profiler stage and loving the Wi-Fi connectivity. The one little thing I can't get past is scrolling from rig to rig; I have 50+ rigs for various songs, bands, etc., The left and right arrows used to scroll from one rig to the other is truly painful. I was hoping there was some trick I was missing out on, where I swipe down and it shows me the whole rig list that I can quickly scroll through and punch up what I want. I've tried everything and don't see or any functionality like that whatsoever.

    Am I missing something? Please tell me I am....

    I really appreciate everyone's input! I now have a new task for this different guitars thing I am tackling...

    I know I can create different input presets and save/name them. This is great for guitars with different output levels - I have 2 input presets that cover just about all the guitars quite well. I'd like to assign these two input presets to a specific, single switch on the remote, to act globally, independent of any specific rig. Is this possible?


    Thanks everyone - for some very well know harmony parts (i.e., Boston - Piece of Mind, 38 special Burning for you, etc) I found after much fiddling that post amp, with an add'l boost just before it works great. I would not have guessed that configuration honestly, but it sings like the recording!

    How about the location of the harmonizer in your rig? I have tried it just about everywhere and it doesn't sound very good - a bit shrill. I have it post amp now with a simple drive ahead of in stomp position. Thoughts?

    Appreciate that, the tone knob is not centered at the 'problem' freq, and the q/bandwidth of the pot is so wide it drags everything down with it. It certainly has it's place in my playing, but not the solution unfortunately. I thought about swapping the pot for about 5 seconds, but it is older than I am and that would be sacrilegious [!]

    All kinds of good stuff here, and some funny sheot too! To summarize, I think I should have clarified a little better in the beginning; I dont want my guitars to sound the same - of course that goes against the grain on every level. It really boils down to a vintage tele that has a fairly shrill 6k bump that makes swapping back and forth not ideal.

    I think I'm gonna try @sstauffer recommendation "......EQ section in the output, Edit and lock the output section then you can tweak the EQ per guitar ..."

    I really do appreciate all the responses, angles, recommendations ~

    Be well!

    Thanks for all the good feedback - yes I realize my approach is a little 'unique'... I would imagine some of you have broken a string at a gig and needed to switch guitars mid-song, only to find the guitar you grab you need to tweak your tone knobs a bit [p90s, hb's, single pups, etc] -

    Typically I have 2-3 amps on stage and there are amp/gtr combos I wouldn't use together. I am thinking to use the power of the Kemper to ease that a bit.

    Much appreciation to everyone input and responses!:thumbup:

    I have a Tele and a strat - no surprise, one is brighter than the other. I want to make use of all of my rigs regardless of which guitar I am playing, without having to endlessly tweak the eq's. I dont want to get into categorizing my rigs per each guitar either. I wonder how you guys handle this? I'd love if there was some global switch that allowed me to apply an eq tweak as necessary, kind of as a global approach?

    I suppose I could throw an EQ stomp in with the preset I need to tame things a bit, then just hit the pedal to engage as necessary - just wondering if there isn't slicker way to go? I know you guys... there must be a slicker way!


    Hello -

    I have searched the forum without luck.

    I know how to assign stomps to the remote [pressing toaster and remote buttons simultaneously], but my toaster is across the room, in a rack and I want to assign a stomp to a button on the remote via RM. Not possible?

    Many thanks!