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    Hey fellow Kerperoids!

    I recently got a Waza Tube Expander and experimented with it, including creating profiles.

    It is fully loading down the amp like a Suhr Reactive load or any other loadboxes, but the tone/feel shaping of the reactive load can be altered manually.

    These are studio profiles with the same IR used.

    The amp is a very recently released 20watt fire breathing baby monster. Please find the profiles below any comments welcome, enjoy.

    Pete made the first demo of the “Marsha” on and old forum ‘HRI’ and since then I was hooked. The company was always been “Racksystems”, the amp was Marsha, but after a cease and desist letter from Marshall, it was renamed BE100.

    One of the very first EU tranny BE100 was ordered by me for a client, serial is something like Eu002. It delivered in spades next to a Yjm100 and a Satch jvm. Since then I was after the BE sound, this year I was able to get one. I have almost all BE profiles, commercial or free, nothing comes close. Really. Bert Mullendijk’s are pretty close in feel, but you really don’t want to do a 1 on 1. Like the 1073 preamp plugin of the UAD. Yes it is kinda like, but if you check it back to back, it’s in a different leauge. Just my 2 cents.

    Sorry I have to call you out on this. Summer NAMM was under 6 months ago, you insinuated winter NAMM in your previous post and a whole year, at Summer NAMM they only showed the Spring Reverb singular, not “reverbs” plural. I’ve never seen any product they’ve actually showed that has never dropped either, nor for that matter any that have even been mentioned as in the roadmap. When they do show stuff at NAMM more often than not the firmware and feature is actually in users hands at that time, as was the case at last summers NAMM.

    Did I wrote winter or 1 year ago? Nope. Last year. To my latest knowledge the last summer NAMM was last year. 2018.

    It was Delays last year, not Reverbs. I may be wrong but I don’t actually recall Christoph or his team saying anything about Reverbs publicly till much later when we got the Spring Reverb preview firmware, before then I only saw rumors and people claiming to have talked to such and such and they told them in confidence etc. nothing really substantive.

    Last summer NAMM were the reverbs. You have to bring something to NAMM to keep the interest of the dealers up, that's what I call a marketing hoax because most the time the products drop 8-12 month later or not at all.

    Reverbs were last year. I'm not really interested, due not even those dropped since. So beside some marketing hoax, I don't really expect anything.

    I agree that if the company said this, that wouldn't be a good look, but somehow I doubt it did. IIRC, we were told that it's "working on" the update. I hope I'm remembering that correctly...

    How can it be a loss-of-face if there was no time commitment made?

    From a business point of view not having something a year after it was paraded on most impactful musical instrument fair, sends a bad message about the company itself. Dealers usually shy away from a manufacturer, who cannot deliver stuff shown a year ago. It just puts them is a horrible position, where they need to explain to their unhappy customers why they sold them the unit with the promise of great reverbs and it is not there. I'm not raging or anything, just wondering, how this will play out.

    It can be anything. new strings vs old strings, pick angle, where the muting is done horizontally, attitude, how hard an individual digs into the strings.

    Same with the real deal. Just play, get inspired by the broad selection of Cili and other tones. Just my 2 cents.

    I bet some guys listen to demos on laptop speakers and wonder why their sound is different on a real cab or an FRFR monitor.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I 've seen someone's video on YT comparing 1x12 and 4x12 cab IRs, and I have to admit, it was a true revelation for me.

    After trying it, I much prefer the 1x12 mid forwardness and crispness than the mushier 4x12 IRs.

    These are direct profiles, please feel free to change the cabs around to your liking or run it through your poweramp and cab, after turning the cabsim off.

    Thank you!

    Very kind of you, mate.

    We do have free Triple Rectifier MultiWatt Profiles which were offered by Deadpan, but as you suggest, the Dual-rec ones, well, I do see any in my free collection.

    Very much welcome mate, hope you will enjoy them. The tube rectifier gives a bit warmer and bigger feel to the amp, less "stiff" without loosing the tight grind. Missed Deadpan's triple profiles, will check them out.

    Hey guys and gals,

    Made some Dual Rectifier Multiwatt profiles, using a Countryman Type85 DI box. Have not seen Reborn/Multiwatt profiles, this amp has way better stock tones than the older 3 channels.

    Less boomy, OD is not a must.

    Direct profiles with added IRs. The IRs can be changed any time, currently they are 1x12 V30 IRs with mono room mikes.

    I have not found profiles using the tube rectifier of the recto, so I did some on the pushed and vintage mode. Modern profiles are using the diode/silicone rectifying.

    Boosted profiles are created with a Maxon OD808 with the gain on 0, tone around noon and the volume around 3 o'clock.


    Any comments are very much welcome.


    Recto MD means - Modern channel 3 Diode/silicone rectifying

    Recto PT means - Pushed mode channel 1 with tube rectifying

    Recto VT means - Vintage mode Channel 2 with tube rectifying

    If there is OD808 in the profile name, it is boosted with an OD808