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    I'd highly recommend the Benson profiles from both Tone Junkies (they have a whole "Bend Sun" pack) and Brian Carl. the Brian Carl Monarch profiles are my favorite.

    With respect to Mr. Benson, I can understand why he would feel slighted by people profiling his amps, but that is also a testament to the abilities of the Kemper Profiler.

    There will always be a camp of players who want to play a live amp in a room and these profiles are not going to prevent anyone in that camp from buying a Benson amp if that's what they want.

    I purchased these and they are AWFUL! I understand that Chris Benson hates Kemper and he basically created these bad profiles as a big F/U to the Kemper profiling community. Don't waste your money. Tone Junkies and Brian Carl both sell Benson profiles that sound fantastic.