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    As flattering as that may be, I truly doubt that as the OP, my thread had any influence. I'm "Mr. Nobody" (Fast & Furious reference).

    As the OP, I never intended this to be a contentious debate. My only reason for raising this is that I am also a "propeller head". You can take the person out of I.T. but it's impossible to take the I.T. out of the person 8)

    My toaster has been running terrific for the last nearly 5 yrs since I bought it. I only wish they would add more functionality to the RM software, like TUNER, please?

    Peace out everyone and let's always keep the dialogue on the friendly side.

    Also just like to say that generally I make videos that big up the Kemper, I’m a huge fan. Which made this all the more disappointing.

    Wow! What a story, mate! I’ve had mine for 5 yrs and used to gig with it, on occasion. I guess, what I interpret from this is that the repair process “logic”, was cluster-F@#k - not the actual repair itself. Glad you’re back up and rockin’.

    Hey fellow toaster-heads,

    I went out and got myself a PoE switch in order to have it all. Little did I know that while EVERYTHING works, it also keeps the remote on when you power down the amp. Simple fix - I put it all on the same power bar. Problem solved. For anyone asking, I used a Trendnet TL-SG1005P. It now works exactly the way I wanted it to. Thanks Kemper, YOU GUYS CONTINUE TO IMPROVE ON A GREAT THING!



    This may seem like a real noob question and it probably so my apologies. I can only seem to be able to adjust my main volume button pressing the Output button, then adjusting through the lower knobs or through RM.

    My setup is Kemper balanced XLR outputs into my UAD Apollo and my Speaker Output into my 2x12 Mesa cab. I'm in an apartment so I would really like to fine tune this setting as I can only do this with RM presently.

    Is this a software "thing" from how I set this up? Must be.

    I am using all TS with my Motu M4. So, the only difference I can hear by loading one stereo track vs. two mono tracks (for left and right) is just the db increase on the two.

    Have you checked with the manufacturer or if they have a user forum? I was pretty surprised when I found that out from Universal Audio, about XLR vs TRS. Perhaps there is something going on there? Best of luck.

    BayouTexan can you be more specific in your setup? what are you running as an audio interface? I found out that with the Universal Audio Apollo, if you go XLR out the Kemper to XLR into the Apollo; first it comes in as mic only and second it gives a +6db gain. This is caused by a micro switch inside the interface, which allows it to be "seen" as a LINE or MIC.

    I run mine in the following signal chain:

    1. Kemper L - R XLR outs
      1. Set output as stereo
    2. Into UAD Apollo Twin|x TRS L - R inputs
    3. Logic Pro X audio track comes up in stereo

    Works for me.

    I am sure that this has been asked multiple times. Nothing irks me quite like that "POP" you get when plugging or unplugging an instrument on the Kemper. It would be great to have this function on RM or to be able to make it assignable to an unused button (read: effect, stomp, etc.). Thank you.