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    i just updated Rig Manger to Version 2.3.9 (14936) and let RM update my unpowered Kemper Toaster to 7.05 without problems. First time i did not need to use USB stick. MacBook Pro 2019 OSX 10.14.6. Great :thumbup:

    it´s not contradicting:

    you can edit all 5 slots and the changes will remain if you don´t change the slot with the remote, but with the page buttons or the navigation cross. when you done with all 5 slots you can store the perfomance, incl all changes in the 5 slots.

    But, if you load a slot with a foot controller or the remote, you loose the changes you made. this we you can tweak a slot, but if you want to go back to the previous state, you simply press the slot button on the remote.

    If all changes would be saved all the time, that would not make any sense to me.

    maybe the manual helps:

    While navigating Slots within a Performance via the PAGE buttons of the PROFILER Stage, or the left and right RIG navigation cross buttons of the other PROFILER variants, any modifications (e.g. loading another Rig, or cranking up Gain) are interpreted as editing, and will be retained until you move to another Performance. Don’t forget to store before you load another Performance, if you want to make those modifications permanent.

    Performance Mode 238

    As soon as you load another Slot from your foot controller, or foot buttons of the PROFILER Remote or Stage, any former modifications within that Performance are interpreted as temporary tweaks during a live performance and will be discarded immediately. If, for example, you had activated a booster in module B, or increased Delay Mix via pedal, any such changes will be lost if you switch Slots remotely. This way, you can always be sure that Slots will be loaded in their original, predictable state during live performances.

    that´s what helped me: try different picks out of different material and try to hit the strings from a different angle, exp. if you here the "click" only on downstrokes.

    In the kemper, there is the parameter "pick" in the stack section to reduce or enhance the attack.

    I had no issues installing the beta with the help of the USB drive. But when i browse through the presets using the "page" buttons and the "rig cross" buttons, the screen colour is not following the category colour, like it does when i use the "type" and "browse" knobs.

    I don´t like to use the "Type" knob, as my right hand is always blocking the sight to the screen adjusting it (sitting in front of the Toaster holding a guitar with my left hand).

    That´s why i would love like to see that the 4 encoders below the screen could be used to change the effect presets in the future.

    I started a comment thread about rigs sounded different (in a bad way) after the newest update. Low end sounds fuzzy and undefined on high gain profiles. There’s a static sound running through the entire profile.

    I wanted to roll back to the previous OS to troubleshoot this but Kemper took all the previous versions away for some unknown reason...

    I hope they offer a roll back because I can’t hang with the new sounds and either can the guys local to me that know have the same issue since the update.

    Sad state of affairs.

    you´ve been told already twice in different threads to open a ticket so the support can send you whatever old kemper version you like to restore, so why do keep writing this BS again and again ("Kemper took all the previous versions away for some unknown reason..."??

    Last time i checked i got between 2-3 sec latency from the kemper. I´m recording with pro tools hdx with adds 0.7ms latency, so latency is no problem for me.

    You can reduce the latency of your recording interface by using a higher sample rate. For the Kemper latency i´m not aware of any possibilities.

    The cable in the link above from Durwin99 is not a SPDIF cable.

    RCA and SPDIF share the same connector, but the SPDIF has a different, much higher resistance (75 Ω).

    If you want to record via SPDIF without digital connection issues, don´t get an RCA cable.

    from Rig Manager Manual, Page 21:

    The Tools Menu

    Backup and restore Rig Manager’s entire content

    Those backups contain the entire content of your Rig Manager including all Local Libraries and excluding the content of your Profiler. The backups are cross-platform compatible, in other words you can use them to transfer your Library from Macs to PCs and vice versa.

    Use this backup to migrate your data from one computer to another.
    ✔✔Note, that this is a different backup to the one you can create in Profiler and put on an USB stick.

    here is more info on the new celestion speaker:

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