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    Neat and tidy. Best should be to buy a stage, although I am always thinking about beer getting spilled on my expensive gear … the remote alone is no big deal.
    therefore still stuck to an extra case for the remote containing two pedals for additional fun.

    Guitar in a bag on my back Kemper left and remote right.

    As far as I can make out there is more going on than just a simple EQ otherwise they would have done it 10 years ago when the initial Idea was discussed and they wouldn't have had to remove the separate EQ section. I don't know the details but I really wanted the EQ and Stack buttons available via Rig Manager and asked several time but was always told it isn't possible as we need to make this change for something in a future update.

    That is why I wrote in different threads that the EQ-Button should be still usable für Head-/Rack-Users. We have limited options regarding direct remote controlling (via Smartphone not possible) and less USB-Audio-Channels so why not provide us with a benefit. I find it quite intriguing that we have hardware controllers that we are not „allowed“ to use anymore.
    I would be happy if I could access LP or something else directly with the EQ-Button. Also some other actions regarding the stack button.

    But before adding that buttons to RM please start adding features for editing the Kemper Remote within RM.

    I am stunned that we get new fancy features like profiling via RM but still not able yet to program the FC to assign fx to the fx-buttons. I would like assignment via RM. Maybe preprogrammable „fx-scenes“ in RM. Also containing typical fx-morphing.

    Yes, I use the current Asio4All. I cannot record and her the tracks from my DAW simultaneously. I can check the buffer size. My intention was that I can do it the same way as with my soundcardasn spidf: Hardware based signal of the Kemper (Direct Monitoring) with all the other tracks of my DAW as playback for the Recording-Session.
    I only want to check if the monitoring with the output of the Kemper gives me a better resolution for Recording and Mixing. If recording doesn’t work it ain’t that bad. I am pretty fine with SPIDF. As long as I can mix with it …

    Is it possible to record guitar whilst listening to the sound of the DAW via headphones? Has anyone achieved this?
    Whenever I tried this everything starts to stutter and I have to restart my DAW (Cubase) in order to get it work again.

    I wish Kemper would put out a video showing us how liquid profiling works and what are its benefits. I think I understand it, I'm just not sure I want it, so it would be nice to see it in action before upgrading.

    I am pretty sure they will in the future or some other yts. Currently they put out hours of explanations for the rigs of Thomas Dill and with Thomas Dill. We only have to wait some time.

    I suspect we can see a TJ pack coming soon (in rig manager like the others) or perhaps he is the guniea-pig for the new market place. Makes sense that kemper and tonejunkie both benefit from this exclusive announcement.

    Btw, was he really christened “Haych Jay” :P ( anyone know what the H & J stand for?)

    Also (did anyone else think this)

    This also makes plausable reason why the EQ button was renedered useless several upgrades ago. They were holding out for the new tone stack, which i assume will go in the EQ slot

    Being an upside for all the Toaster and Rack Owners. Might be more fiddly for the stage owners to get access to this new feature.

    Is USB recording unilateral or am I able to use the high end headphone out of the KPA whilst recording? Problem is I do not own monitors so my focusrite would still be needed anyway and therefore I still could carry on using spidf…

    This is great news as I experienced such issue as well. Had dropouts at two rehearsal. Not really funny when sound disappears all of a sudden and is not coming back…

    After rebooting and putting cables in and out of the Kemper it suddenly worked again. Updated to beta yesterday and will see on Sunday if it turns out fine.

    I love my Kemper but hopefully it won‘t loose its reliability in the future due to updates or debugging other issues… as there has been no major update since a year it got me wondering what caused such issues…

    Maybe start a thread on suggestions on what to include for Kemper 2 - JOKE!

    nwmusic32 - I agree it would be great and its been requested many times. I think its as likely as a plug-in :(

    I think that the Profiler develops great. One more thing that should be possible is a software feature that can work as a Rig Manager for my DAW. So one can use the Kemper like a Plug-In. Profile should be activated and stored automatically…

    I did not use RM for a while due to its bugs. Currently I was quite surprised how good it is when tweaking sounds while recording.
    One thing that still makes it quite a hazzle is that I have to save the tweaked rig on my PC or Kemper and transfer it manually to Rigkeeper.

    So an alternative to Rigkeeper would be great.

    My features needed:

    - A button to send the dedicated rigs to the VST-Plug-in in my DAW which is Cubase in its current state

    - Best would be if I could activate each rig automatically when recording a certain track.

    So far a small wish with big impact on my workflow.

    Agree with some of the earlier posts:

    - A studio/graphic EQ in input/output section (save soms slots)

    - A better way to connect ipad/iphone app to kemper head (USB dongle?)

    - Better way for browsing trough rigs in RM

    In another thread someone mentioned that the USB of the Kemper is not capable of handling datatransfer from such Wi-Fi-dongle. I wondered why it then is possible to transfer data from pc to the KPA and back by USB-cable but not with a dongle?
    Would be great if someone of Kemper would let us know. Would be happy if it could be possible due to the fact that I plugged in an PoE permanently to my KPA to not wear out the fragile cat socket.

    what could be great would be to have some pre set eq type templates in the amp block.
    like - original eq - mars eq - etc. Not replicating the complète eq circuit but just mimicking those.

    It’s only a matter of frequencies, range and peak after all.

    Wish my EQ-Button could be used to switch the EQ or add an basic EQ like the stomp ones. Currently my KPA has an EQ-Button that is really useless and I do not get it why … why not make something useful out of it…

    I cannot reproduce such issues with OS 8.7.10 just hitting the up and down buttons of the RIG navigation cross of a Head model nor the up and down foot buttons of a Remote or Stage. If I hold a bit longer, scrolling starts as intended. If Rig Manager is connected or not makes no difference. I can even hit a button multiple times (hearing multiple mechanical clicks of the button) and the PROFILER follows steping up or down the corresponding number of Performances.

    If you cannot control single steps versus scrolling with the current OS, please open a support ticket and send a video demonstrating how you hit the button and how the Performance gets loaded.

    Dear Burkhard. Lucky you. I was on holidays and made a video today. It still appears randomly. I will sent the video to you. I am on the latest OS.

    Best regards