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    Hello All,

    For some reason I just figured out that there are a host of Delays, Reverbs, Phasers, etc, etc stored in my "Local Library". Under "Local Library" I made a folder for the 637 different Presets so now I can select a Rig from "My Profiler" and drop n drag any of these presets.

    The issue I'm having is after I "drop n drag", the new preset will load and works, but I cannot save it into the Rig I'm using. Obviously I've "unlocked" the effects box and/or made it empty before the drop n drag, but still it doesn't save.

    Last question, is it possible to load all of these 637 presets into "MyProfiler" so that when I am tweaking a specific profile that (for example) has a Phaser already in an effects box, that I can select more than just the 3 different Phasers it currently gives me in the drop down?

    Using 3.0.136, everything is up to date/etc, FYI.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Hey guys, question, so my Kemper says my software version 3.0.131 is "up to date". I don't think I have my settings set up to auto download "Beta" versions. Is this the most current update until they release 7.5.2? or ??


    Hey guys! ....Question, I just got a pair of the new Jabra Elite 75T Bluetooth ear buds (for computer and phone work) and was thinking about using these for playing instead of headphones that you have to plug-in. Currently my Kemper plugs into my Focusrite so I use that headphone jack. Is it possible to use (like the new BlackStar) Bluetooth transmitter to link to my wireless ear buds?



    He did on this song but others he clicked it "in and out". Since I have the Kemper pedal board I was thinking about just adding the Flanger to an assigned spot on the board. I guess I could also just copy the rig w/o the flanger and assign that to the board also. Any thoughts on that? I guess that's a "6 to 1, half a dozen to the other" type scenario.

    Thanks for your input !

    Hi Guys,

    I'm still new here and continue to learn, try to follow me here.

    I'm a big EVH fan and using an EVH profile from "Deadlight Studio" to get an early VH tone. So far so good, as I make edits on this profile I needed to actually add a noise gate in front of the amp (as commonly done, I believe). Eddie's early chain for that tone was Phaser, Flanger, EQ and I believe most need to throw in a noise gate, so 4 pedals total. In order to get some of Eddie's cool repeats like in "Ain't Talking 'bout Love"(for the Am chord) you need to add a Delay in this chain (before the amp). All means I need to plug in 5 pedals before the amp which I don't think is possible?

    Okay, so I know you guys will tell me to use the master Noise Gate which I've done but I have max'd out which then leads you to the part where you can't mimic the cleaner sound when Eddie rolls off the volume knob on the guitar at times. I've also messed around quite a bit with the Clean and Distortion sens setting, with no real advantage.

    So currently I've added a Noise Gate after the amp in the effects loop and between tweeking that and the main Noise Gate, I get a whole lot closer (just about perfect).

    Just wondering if this may be as good as it gets? I'm using an EVH Shark style guitar with a late 70's Mighty Might (so high gain) and "yes" I've already tried to mess with the Master Gain on the actual amp.

    Thanks in advance guys!

    Thanks ThrashFlesh,

    Only issue I notices is that on the back of the Saffire Pro 40, all the inputs are just 1/4 jacks, no XLR jacks? Seems all the output jacks on the back are both XLR and 1/4 jacks. I know my HS5's have both XLR and 1/4 TRS jacks but I thought isn't it better to use an XLR connection which is how I have them into the Kemper.

    Saffire Pro 40.pdf

    Thanks guys! I ended up with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 rack mount. Now I get to rummage thru hours of YouTube video's on how to set it up and use the software ;(

    Quick question though, do I still keep my hs5 monitors plugged into the Kemper or do they need to be plugged into the Focusrite now ?

    Hey thanks!

    I've been poking around at the Focusrite Scarlett, Clarett and the Saffire Pro 40. All these come in a rack mount and have Thunderbolt connection which is what I will be needing so I can keep everything together for convenience .


    Many thanks for this info!

    I would say the quality and performance of the interface is most important so not price sensitive. Not sure the upsides or downsides of digital vs analog (I'll need your advise on that). My Mac has Thunderbolt so let's use that. Just using one instrument, my guitar.

    So, I'm pretty basic here, I just want to be able to run backing tracks off websites or maybe load them into Garage Band and play my guitar along with it, then be able to record it all via Garage Band. Then maybe develop my own backing tracks using Garage Band and play my guitar along with it. I also have the Kemper peddle board but not sure if that really means anything per this conversation.


    Hi Guys,

    Looking for a good/excellent quality interface for hooking up my Kemper to my MAC, Currently using Garage Band for software. I'll be using headphones and also have a pair of HS5's.

    What are you guys using out there?

    Thanks in advance!