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    I think there is a market for a scaled down “stomp” style unit. Some folks, myself included, don’t need profiling and are happy to have a simple “player” in a stomp sized unit.

    Why?, if I may ask. What’s the problem with having the Kemper be the master?

    It's just a little inconvenient when working in my studio. I have a couple of different interfaces and the interface is always the master (I need to buy a nice mater clock but I digress...). When I want to record guitar I have to switch the SPDIF input to look at the Kemper. It's nice not to have to do that or worry about it. In the past I have forgotten and gotten pops and crackles on the tracks which is not acceptable as you can imagine. Good job Kemper!

    Power cycled both and still the same. Kind of a bummer having to switch the setup every time I want to use the Kemper with my interface. It's not a show stopper though just a little inconvenient.

    I just did the update and all seems well but when I set my interface (Focusrite 18i8 gen2) the internal @ 48kHz and the Kemper to Auto and 48kHz they both say they are locked but I get the old clicking noise. If I set it back to Kemper as the master then it works but it kind of defeats the purpose. I also tried it at 44.1kHz and it seems to work with Focusrite as the master and Kemper as the slave. What's going on here? Shouldn't it work at all sample rates as long as they match?

    Hey there Kemperites. Where is the setting in the Profiler/Head unit to set the SPDIF to "slave" on the Kemper? Do you need a specific OS to have this setting? I am just about ot upgrade to the new 8.0.5 OS. Thanks.

    The only problem I have with SPDIF is if I don't lock my interface to the Kemper clock I get tiny clicks in the audio. I am using Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd gen.

    You where not chastised because you reported a bug, at least in my case. It was because of your whining about it. To say that "this is not making me happy" is acting like if someone here owed you something.

    Thanks for reporting bugs as it helps both Kemper and the community to get a better product sooner.

    Thanks for the feedback. I never said anybody owed me anything. I do think things could be done better even in a beta. I do this every day but whatever. I really dislike the tone of this forum so I think I will just abstain from this place. Good luck.

    I was able to get my Performances back through Rig Manager. I understand what a Beta is of course since I am a Professional Software Developer. One of the points of a Beta is to record and address issues as well. Being chastised by both support and the users on this forum is very unfortunate but I will continue to participate because I believe in the product. Thanks.

    I just updated from 7.1.7 to 7.1.18 and I lost a bunch of rigs and my performances were messed up. After restoring from backup I just made previous to this update ALL of my performance information is gone. Please advise on how I might get them back. As I said I made a profiler backup to USB and I made a rig manager backup to my PC just prior to the update.