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    It is possible and not a dumb question at all - I was figuring same thing years ago when first started. .

    In the Kemper 'Rig Settings' there's page 'Volume Pedal Settings' with a 'Range' parameter that you can use for this. Irecall I had it set somewhere around -1...-1.5 to get some 3..5db volume off.

    Thank you so much! Works perfectly at -1.5.

    Here's another question. I don't really use WAH but would use the morph function on a Muff/ or Fuzz if possible. I know it's possible with the Kemper remote but could I set up EXP 2 on the HD500 for something like that? There's a few settings I can see but it's a bit confusing to me. Still getting the hang of all this. Thanks...

    I'm about one week into my Kemper adventure - sorry if this is a dumb question. I have set up my Pod HD500 in the FS5-8 mode and was wondering if there's a way to have the volume pedal not go all the way back to 0 when you back it off. For example in the Pod HD I could set the parameters 30%-100% or something like that. I find (especially with fuzzes etc) when I back it off sometimes it can be really abrupt if that makes sense.

    I have set the delay tails to extend (thanks lippi) which is amazing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!