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    Ok that may sound like a silly question but hear me out. I have limited space and I had decided to replace my FRFR that I was not happy with a Kemper Kone. I use an A/B box to send the the monitor output of my Stage to utilize it as intended. Sounds great with the Stage

    I also could use it with my HX Stomp or Boss GT1000 core if desired. I assumed that The tone from the Kone would essentially be a cab into a cab tone. I didn't think much about as I don't use it this way as much as with my Stage.

    Today I thought I would try the Kone with those other modelers with the cab simulation off and see how it sounded. Much to my surprise it sounded very much like an amp without a cab into a FRFR. Pretty bad with that shrill high distortion.

    What gives? Is the Kone really a guitar cab or a special FRFR?

    I compared the sound of those other modelers through headphones and the Kone and they weren't that different.

    Anyone else experiment with this?

    I don't have the X-200, I do have the Kabinet hooked up with some of my other modelers.

    First, it sounds best with my Stage hands down.

    I don't have the space for a second system and the Kabinet is what I want to use with my Stage so I use the Kabinet with my other modelers.

    But for me it was an upgrade over the powered PA speaker and my cheap monitors with my HX Stomp. I don't feel like it makes my other modelers sound like a blanket over the speaker.

    I haven't messed with setting up an eq to compensate for the difference, but I can't imagine it would be hard to find a setting that would make someone happy with the sound of it that way.

    How do the commercial QC captures work? I follow Tone Junkie and while he has videos for the QC, I have not seen on his web site any QC captures for sale. I downloaded the QC IOS app and looking for captures that way was terrible. I own very few tube amps currently and rely on either free profiles or commercial ones. Not that I am in the market for the QC at this time but in my short investigation of it, it seems to fall short in this category compared to Kemper.

    Do you find the Kabinet works better than monitor speakers? Surprised to hear that since my experience is quite the opposite.

    I do. You probably have better monitoring than I do. I have two different powered PA speakers, both were harsh sounding with my modelers. I also have a Spark amp that I would connect to the headphones out to aux in that was ok but not great. a little too bass heavy.

    For me the Kemper always sounds great in headphones, but I was struggling with what to use for playback at reasonable home volume. I kept turning it up to enjoy it. The Kabinet has been a literal ear saver for me. I am totally enjoying my Kemper now without driving everyone in the house mad.

    I have tried it with a few of my modelers. I actually liked it better than the PA powered speaker I was using and my Spark. I am sure what I am hearing through the Kabinet isn't accurate compared to an FRFR, but I am enjoying using the Kabinet as my monitor.

    That said, it's no where near as enjoyable as my Stage through the Kabinet. The Kabinet has really made the Stage even more fun to play through than I could have imagined.

    I am connecting to my home network and getting an IP and seeing MyProfiler (the name of my Stage) in my networking router software, but when I try to connect via the iPad Rig Manager it just times out trying to connect to MyProfiler. I am given the choice to connect to MyProfiler in the Rig Manager IOS, but just never connects.

    IOS 15

    Profiler OS

    I can't seem to change the tempo on my Stage either by the tap tempo button or in the rig menu. When I turn the knob in the rig menu, the tempo number changes briefly, but returns to the tempo that it started with. Tempo lock is not selected and tempo enable is selected. Holding the tap tempo button shows the beat scanner, but it doesn't seem to do anything to alter the tempo.

    Is there a global place to lock the tempo I am missing?

    OS version

    And while we're at it, before whining about Kemper's "lack of accuracy" just check this out and look how pro's do profiling and refining. Everybody should shut up afterwards.


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    Exactly! All the videos I have watched so far demonstrating the QC's capture feature never got as spot on to the original amp as this video.

    I guess for the home users who want to capture their amps and don't want to spend the time refining to get it dead on the QC might be a good choice. Personally I don't have anything to profile/capture. I rely mostly on the commercial profiles out there. I want those profilers to be able to nail the amp as accurately as possible and the Kemper delivers the tools necessary to make that a reality.

    At least for the capture/profile part of the QC, I see no reason for me to switch.

    If the QC sounded spot on in these videos, but it didn't. and that was the person who knows his amp. I download that capture, I have a different guitar and a different play back system so I will probably need to tweak it a bit. With QC I would have gain and a three band eq and maybe that will be enough or I will try the next capture in the list.

    Maybe someone on this thread can answer this for me;

    With commercial profiles, does the person call the profile done after the refinement stage?

    Or would they tweak the kemper knobs to dial it in as close as possible?

    I think the QC comparisons so far have left out one very big difference in getting the profile dialed in closer to the amp. The Kemper exposes a number of parameters that allow one to fine tune the profile to the room, the output system. All I saw on the QC was an EQ. When I am tweaking a profile I very rarely reach for the EQ.

    I did contact Kemper and they advised me to hold on to my current Stage until they are able to correctly identify the cause of foot switch issue.

    Quote from Kemper:

    "Unfortunately we do not have a 100% fix for the switches just yet. You can hold on to it until we have more information on the defective part. At which time I hope we will have this resolved."

    I figured out a way to do this. I send the ON command with a long press and the OFF command with double tap. I can see the state of the effect from the light on the Kemper and then hit the switch in the manner that will change its state.