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    how are you trying move the knobs ?

    With my touchscreen pc I put a finger on the knob and move up/down to move it rather than trying to drag it around - it gives pretty fine control

    ajbsmirnoff, just curious, which model of touchscreen PC do you use? On my Surface Pro 7, the knobs just flail wildly max/min even if I move up and down like you said (in an attempt to mimic mousewheel). If I make teeny tiny (seriously like a mm or so) vertical swipes with finger or stylus it will move in smaller increments, but still floaty and imprecise.

    I was hoping to find some sort of moueswheel emulation like Blodsmak-Tom used for his Wacom, but couldn't find any such setting for my Surface Pen.

    Glad to hear there was an indication it's coming in that thread MattWylde linked, I hadn't been able to find that before and wound up posting my own thread.

    Just dropping a note that I'm having this problem too, on FW 7.3.1. It happens every 5th time or so I use the up or down performance change button on the head. I'm not clicking too fast, going quite slow. Can happen in either direction, no particular performance number. I re-initialized all performances in rig manager and then copied performances in again in different slots (and some different performances), and it happened again.

    Going to send a support ticket with links to a video and a backup.

    I’ve noticed this too with Rig Manager 3.0.117.
    I specifically notice it when importing IRs into the presets area.
    The spinny indicator on my folder in the presets area continues even after the import is complete, and I’m unable to import any more IRs, even to other folders, until I restart Rig Manager.

    I've seen this mentioned in a couple threads, but couldn't find any response from Kemper folks. Just wanted to try to explicitly ask if there's any plan to address it at some point.

    I have a Surface Pro 7 and like using Rig Manager 3 with it. However when using the touch screen with a finger or the Surface Pen stylus, the rig editing knobs (Bass, Treble, etc.) are mostly unusable. They jump all the way from 0 to max. You can sort of slow down the movement by sliding your finger around, but still not at all precise. Using a mouse works fine as usual, but is not too practical to use when plugged into my rehearsal setup.

    No other touch screen problems that I've run into, everything else working really well.

    If there's any debugging, screen capture, etc. I could provide that would be helpful in solving it, let me know!

    Random question about your Black Spirit: when turned off, but plugged in, does it make a little buzzing noise every 30 seconds or so? Seemed like it came from where the AC cord went in. I returned two of them in a row for that, then gave up. It was too annoying, as it lived on a little table near my bed. Plus worried it was some sort of power supply / transformer issue.

    Loved that thing though. The ipad editor was useful (and wireless!), as well as the ability to stream music into it over bluetooth for playing along.

    Thanks for the profiles! Now I can visit with my previous amp.

    I was playing my PowerRack into a 16ohm cab with a loud band, and was surprised to see the watt meter on the power amp Output page go well up above 400w.

    Per the manual, I thought the output was limited to 300w with 16ohm cabs? Is it possible the meter doesn’t take this into account?

    Couldn’t find any info on that meter in the manual or online, other than a forum comment from Mr. Kemper mentioning it was in development.

    Thank you!

    Edit: FW 7.0.9 by the way