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Statement regarding the website status

KEMPER Amps website offline for eight days due to security breach

Dear friends,

A couple of days ago we were informed about a security breach on our website by a third party who also offered us the solution to fix the breach.
As a first measure to protect our customer’s (your) valued data we took our website offline.
At this point, after a thorough investigation of our entire IT setup, we found no evidence that any user data was leaked or compromised in any way. Yet we do know - according to the nature of the breach - that compromise of user data would have been possible. 
Currently, we are now working with a team of external cyber-security experts in forensic research to evaluate the situation according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 
Also, we can tell you that credit card data and paypal data are entirely handled and processed via third parties and thus are not stored on our servers. All user passwords are stored encrypted and are – to our best knowledge - safe.

We’ll keep you updated according to GDPR as soon as we get new insights from the forensic investigation team.

Additionally we’d like to let you know that the Forum will be under maintenance for a little longer, but for sure it will be back - as soon as possible!

We value your data and your trust - therefore we will make sure that every little aspect of this event will be investigated and meticulously tested and cleared.