Michael Wagener

Michael Wagener is a german born producer who went to Nashville where he runs the WireWorld Studios. His bio- and discography is too much to share, so please check out the link - just so much: he is a true legend: www.michaelwagener.com/html/bio.html

When he got the Kemper Profiling Amp he told us so much: "This thing is a game-changer. Every one who knows me also knows how I think about guitar amp emulation, software or hardware. The KPA changes the rules, it really represents and reacts like the profiled amp or the whole profiled chain. Love it!"

Here you can get a tour of his studio and work: youtu.be/D1ejwZoW2cw

Sean Beavan

Sean Beavan has a very impressive track record. He has produced and mixed artists including No Doubt, Marilyn Manson and also nurtures his own project "8mm". He received into the Kemper Profiler in the middle of mixing the new Manson album and immediately used it to lay down some extra guitar tracks.

Watch Sean talk about the Kemper Profiler and music production. Video part 1 Video part 2

Tim Palmer

Tim has produced and mixed albums for a huge selection of classic and alternative artists, from Robert Plant, David Bowie, Tears For Fears, Ozzy Osbourne, Goo Goo Dolls and U2.
In 1989 Tim mixed 'TEN' for Pearl Jam, which is now in the top 50 best album sellers in US history. In 2001 Palmer was nominated for a Grammy for his mixing work on U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind. Now living in Austin, Texas, he has built his own mix room and continued producing and mixing for Jason Mraz, Blue October, David Cook and many others. Tim has been moderator for 2 years at SXSW, and a guest speaker for the Recording Academy.
'In recent years it seems the line between production and mixing has been completely blurred. More than ever, I am either adding new guitar parts or fixing existing sounds during the mixing of a song. What I have been looking for is a guitar amplifier set up that encompasses all the classic tones, and at the same time be totally flexible, creative and controllable.
The Kemper Profiler  is what I had been hoping for. It gives me the freedom to access my saved profiled guitar tones and many new ones in literally seconds. At the same time I can get as crazy as I want with delays, modulation, alternative cabinets and stomp boxes etc. This is a very cool unit." - Tim Palmer (www.timpalmer.com)

Andy Sneap

Andy Sneap is the go to producer for in your face metal records. Currently Andy works out of his own studio, Backstage Studios, located in a converted farm in Derbyshire, which he founded in 1994. He received a Swedish Grammy for his work on Opeth's "Deliverance" album, as well as US Grammy nominations for his work on Killswitch Engage's "The End of Heartache", Megadeth's endgame "Sudden Death". He also produced Accept's reunion album "Blood of the Nations" and the latest Accept album „Stalingrad“ which entered the German album charts at position 6. (www.andysneap.com)

Watch Andy talk about music production with the Kemper Profiler

ACCEPT - Wolf Hoffmann

Accept is a German heavy metal band originally assembled by former vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes. Their beginnings can be traced back to the late 1960s. The band played an important role in the development of speed metal, being part of the German heavy metal scene which emerged in the early to mid 1980s.
Following disbandment in 1997 and resurrection in 2005, they reunited in 2009 with former T.T. Quick frontman Mark Tornillo and released their highest charting album to date, Blood of the Nations.
They have sold over 17 million albums worldwide. Their current album Stalingrad entred the german album charts at position 6.

„After spending about an hour with the Profiler I was convinced this is going to change everything. I recorded the guitar tracks for our brand new album 'Stalingrad' with it and now have the KPA on the road with me for the Accept World Tour 2012/13. All my
favorite amps coming out of this one little box- I am thrilled!“

Watch Wolf talk about music production with the Kemper Profiler

Kevin Churko

Kevin Churko is a Canadian record producer/engineer that has worked with some of the biggest names including Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, and In This Moment. He has co-written 4 #1 Active Rock songs in the US with additional multiple Top 10's. Nominated for two Grammy's for his work with Ozzy, Kevin has also won the Canadian Juno Award for Engineer of the Year an unprecedented 4 times and has also been nominated three times for Producer of the year.

"The Kemper Profiler is a complete game changer for producers and studios. There will be so many unparalleled uses. Let's face it, some legends will always want to use their own amps no matter how many blind tests you give them. However, what happens 2 months later when you need a fix up or change. If you're smart, you'll profile that perfect guitar sound at the time of recording with the Kemper and never have any matching issues at a later date, EVEN IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STUDIO. Amazing!"

David Torn

David Torn is an American composer and guitarist. He is known for the organic blending/ manipulation of electronic and acoustic instruments and performance techniques that have an atmospheric or textural quality and effect, along with a particular harmonic richness. He is particularly well known among guitarists for his use and technological influence upon the development of looping effects.

What he has to say about the Profiler: "My impressions of the Kemper Profiler that make it so "winning", for me, are primarily based-upon the surprising naturalness it so readily imparts to my hands & strings --- not only sonically, but also, importantly, in its simple and very direct offering of feel  responsiveness: playable amp-dynamics (when a profile or model "feels right", I think that we hear it differently: in a much better light, it seems to me).
This makes the it good enough to appear as the beginning of a new paradigm shift, as far as digital amps are concerned: Hands-down, this is the best i've played, yet, with an elegantly guitarist-accessible UI. And, and: I STILL haven't found the time to profile my own, very-special-to-me fryette & bogner amps! Damn! The Kemper Profiler is very, very cool! Eminently & enjoyably playable!"

August Burns Red - Brent Rambler

Already among the most respected acts in the genre, August Burns Red solidified their status further with the June 2011 release of their fourth studio album, Leveler, which rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts - debuting at #11 on the Billboard 200 in addition to entering the charts as the #1 Hard Rock album and #2 Rock album. Adding to the stellar debut is the incredible durability and staying power Leveler has displayed, having become the band's fastest selling album to date by a large margin.
"I first heard about the Kemper amp when I was searching for a way to have the tone I wanted all over the world. Sometimes when you show up at a venue overseas you never know what you are going to get gear wise, because not everyone is able to provide you with a 5150 and a Mesa cab. I ordered the Kemper as soon as it was available in America and I haven't looked back since. It is beyond easy to travel with, and finally I can have MY tone everywhere. There are thousands of different amps to choose from on the Kemper forum, and copying your own amp is remarkably simple. My sound guy and guitar tech are also in love, and the Kemper amp has gone from being a solution to my travel woes to my every day amp. Each day we find new things we like about the Kemper, and we get compliments ALL the time about not only how real the amp sounds, but how awesome it sounds in general. All in all, this amp rules." (www.augustburnsred.com)

Watch Brent Rambler talk about the Kemper Profiler

Fear Factory - Dino Cazares

Dino Cazares is the guitarist for Los Angeles-based industrial metal group Fear Factory. He also plays in the metal bands Divine Heresy and Asesino. His statement about the Profiler speaks for itself:

"The KPA is the Evolution of Amp Profiling Technology . I call it "ACT" Amp Cloning Technology it is the new evolutionary strategy to be able capture the soul of a amplifier and clone it . With the KPA you have the control to Change the typical way we see and hear a Amp. Be a part of this movement or be left behind. The Future is now"

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth is a melodic death metal band from Tumba, Sweden, founded in 1992. It takes its name from the Sindarin name of Mount Doom, a volcano in J. R. R. Tolkien′s Middle-earth. Their lyrics mostly deal with the Vikings, their mythology and their history. The band comprises vocalist Johan Hegg, guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg, bassist Ted Lundström and drummer Fredrik Andersson. Amon Amarth has released eight studio albums, one EP, one DVD, and seven music videos.

Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg told us: "The Kemper profiling amplifier finally makes it possible for us
to bring our studio tone on the road."

Cory Churko

Cory Churko is an award- winning multi- instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, audio engeneer and digital editor from the american entertainment industry.
Cory is currently playing with superstar Shania Twain during her residency in Las Vegas. In between Shania's dates he is also member of Kelly Clarkson's band. Corey told us:
"I love the fact that I can have all my own (and my friends') amps on the road with me in one box. Awesome!"

Jonny Radtke

Johnny Radtke is a very busy young man. He plays guitar with Filter, Kill Hannah and Ashes Divide. We caught Johnny for a quick interview before he rushed to rehearsals with Filter. They were performing live on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday January 21st, 2012.

Watch Jonny talke about music production with the Kemper Profiler

Mitch Malloy

Mitch Malloy is a singer, an award winning songwriter, and a producer mix and mastering engineer. He studied music at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Mitch got his first break when he was signed to RCA. Malloy's first album, Mitch Malloy, featured session musicians such as Mickey Curry, Hugh McDonald and Michael Thompson. His first single as a solo artist on RCA records, "Anything At All", was a top 20 rock charting hit and a pop hit in the US; it also got extensive play on MTV Europe. His third single, "Our Love Will Never Die", earned him an appearance on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. His second album, Ceilings And Walls, used guest musicians such as Bernie Leadon, Mike Rutherford and Paul Carrick. He had a brief stint as the singer of Van Halen after Sammy Hagar's departure.
He says: "The Kemper Amp is the best invention in electric guitar amplification since the Marshall. And it's not only saving my soul it's saving my marriage, and my ears.

Watch Mitch perform  


Watch Mitch's Van Halen experience documentary

Ola Englund

He is one of modern metal’s most well known names due to his ever growing online fan base and hugely popular YouTube channel, currently with over 7.5 million views to date. He has tested and played almost every amp and guitar on the planet. While not testing amps for his Youtube channel he works as a producer. He also plays in three bands; Feared, Scarpoint and Sorcerer.

He says: "This is a great generation to be in if you're a guitar player, with products guitarists wouldn't even dream of 10 years ago. The Kemper Profiling amp has taken amp modeling to the next level. This is the first modeler where I've actually felt like I'm playing a tube amp through a 4x12 cabinet. Also I'm just having so much fun with it, I haven't had this much fun dialing an piece of equipment in years. I can see big things for Kemper in the future with a ever ending library of amp profiles and patches." (Watch Olas Youtube channel and blog)

Steve Morse

Steve Morse's career has encompassed rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, and fusion of these musical genres. In addition to a thriving solo career, has been (and continues to be) a member of several renowned bands. He shares with us his experiences with the Profiler:

"This is already an important part of my recording studio. It is very easy to use right away, and I"m looking forward to doing more in depth modeling with it. Without even looking at a manual, I dialed up some keeper sounds very quickly. Very impressed! Thanks for a great working piece of gear!"

The Broilers

Sammy Amara, singer, songwriter, guitarist and Ronald Hübner, guitarist of the German punk rock band 'Broilers'. The Band exists since 1994. Their 2011 record 'Santa Muerte' went to no. 3 in the German long play charts and their Live Best Of 'Santa Muerte Live Tapes' (2012) marks the second top ten chart entry of the band at pos. 8. In late 2012, they finished their 'Welcome to Santa Muerte' tour in Düsseldorf with two headline shows in front of 15,000 people (7,500 each night).
Sammy and Ron have been playing their Kemper Amps since late summer 2012.

Sammy Amara (Broilers):
"One day, I've discovered the Kemper Amp and consequently tried to hide my surprise and enjoyment, a reeking rehearsal room was still too much of a priority. When checking it out the second time I couldn't hold back anymore, I was simply blown away. Now we’re convinced and use a Kemper Amp in the studio, during rehearsals and on stage. It feels great to have the same sound quality every night. and it also smells better…"

Ronald Hübner (Broilers):
"I wanted to try something new and I couldn't really decide between several amps. One day I had the chance to check out the Kemper Profiler in a studio. A little bit overwhelmed by the extended set of features, I'm totally happy today that i've rolled with it. Doesn't matter if it play live, at home, at rehearsals or in the studio, the Profiler is my staple amp now."

Aziz Ibrahim

Aziz Ibrahim is a very versatile guitarist. He played the 2011 Steven Wilson tour and co-wrote three songs on the chart topping Paul Weller Album. He was the first UK guitarist who uses the Profiler. Here is what he has to say:
"There are some guitarists and manufacturers that say it's all been done before, but there are some that are always setting new standards. Kemper Profiling Amplification, It's the scary future!"

Erlend Krauser

Erlend Krauser plays guitar for James Last. Don't miss the video below.

Watch Erlend explore the dynamic response of the Kemper Profiler

DONOTS - Alex Siedenbiedel

Alex Siedenbiedel is one of the guitarists of Germany's favorite punk rock band DONOTS. Based in Muenster, Germany the DONOTS have been around for 18 years and toured with the likes of Green Day, Blink182, Die Toten Hosen, Beatsteaks and lots and lots of other fantastic bands. They headlined tours and played festivals all over Europe and Japan. Their latest album "Wake the dogs" (2012), which debuted at #6 in the German Album Sales Charts, marks the peak position of their career so far. The DONOTS will be touring WAKE THE DOGS in 2012/13 and Alex is playing the Kemper Profiling Amp on stage and in the studio.

He says: "Okay, so we, the band DONOTS, got invited to play this HUGE tour along the West Coast of the USA (with audiences up to 15000 people each night). Yeaaah, good times - but one big question: How on earth am I going to get my sound over there? I mean, guitar? No problem. But what about the amp? It weighs ten tons, it's got a different voltage and on top of that: it's a decades old Marshall, that I don't necessarily want to have thrown around loading an airplane. Also, space in the touring van is precious and limited. The people at KEMPER made it more than simple and comfortable to give an answer to all of this: The Kemper Profiling Amp. It weighs next to nothing and with nothing more than a tiny USB stick I was able to transfer the profile of my Marshall to the KPA waiting for me in Los Angeles. I carried my entire amp collection from Germany to the USA, from the West Coast to the East Coast - in the pocket of my jeans! Go figure. Let me conclude with a quote from a resident soundguy, right after soundcheck: "Man, I don't know what it is you're playing up there - but damn, it sounds perfect!"  Thanks Kemper!"

Donots USA Tour Diary - Part 4

Old Rake (a.k.a Ol Drake)

Ol is a lead guitarist who co-founded the Thrash Metal band "Evile" in 2003. He is now setting out on a musical solo venture entitled "Old Rake".
Ol comments: "When I was last in the studio with Russ Russell he showed me the Kemper. I didn't understand what it did at first, but then he profiled an amp of mine. I couldn't believe what it could do; I was literally speechless. I thought such a thing was not possible, but the Kemper Profiling Amp has shown me that it is. I'm writing my first solo album and I'm using nothing but the Kemper for all guitar tracks. Kemper ****ing rules!!!!!!"


Paradise Lost - Greg Mackintosh

With a career dating back to 1988, and their official recording debut in 1990 (Lost Paradise), the band has been riding and rollercoaster of highs and lows that began in earnest with their fourth album, Icon, in 1993. It presented Paradise Lost as a band that had more to offer beyond their established doom-death metal sound, driving the point home in 1995 with Draconian Times, an album that is considered to be a goth metal benchmark to this very day. Elements of their favoured doom-goth sound grew consistently darker and louder with each album that followed, and each time the curiosity as to how far Paradise Lost would take this comeback grew.After years of trying different equipment and ways in which to achieve great consistent guitar tones, in the many different scenarios that a professional guitarist often finds himself in, it looks like I have found the solution in the KPA.

Greg now has to say: "I have been through so many emulators, fx racks, dummy loads, impulse responses etc, all with varying degrees of success but never really nailing it. After some very fervent reviews of the KPA by some colleagues I decided to get one. Since then it is all I have used, I am simply amazed at the quality of tone and ease of use. This year is the 25th anniversary of Paradise Lost and I look forward to taking the KPA out on some very special shows!"


Anders Bo Jespersen


Anders Bo is a session rock guitar player from Denmark (Copenhagen). The last three years has he been on the road with the danish artist Medina. Besides touring with Medina, he has toured and worked with different kinds of danish and US projects like Stella Blackrose", Celina Ree, Burhan G, Oliver Weers, Black City and Marco Mendoza (US).

"The Kemper amp has been a totally game changer for me. I have used it for studio work and I have used it on a whole three month tour. My sound engineer has never been happier for me! Amazing peace of equipment!"

Jason T. Miller

Jason T. Miller's guitar playing - one would say that at least in the western world everybody has heard it. He can be heard on 'Frasier', 'Becker' and then some. Playing, writing for Grammy winning projects. And now, he is also a happy Kemper player.

"If I wanted to lug gear all over town, I'd have been a drummer. Thanks to my Kemper Profiling Amp, I can take all my favorite amps and effects with me in 1 compact, incredibly authentic-sounding unit. Total game-changer."


Mitch Harris

Napalm Death are an extreme metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1981. While none of its original members remain in the group, the lineup of vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway, bassist Shane Embury, guitarist Mitch Harris and drummer Danny Herrera has remained consistent for most of the band's career. They are credited with defining the grindcore genre by incorporating elements of hardcore punk and death metal, short songs, fast tempos, deep guttural vocals and sociopolitical lyrics. The band's debut album Scum, released in 1987 by Earache Records, proved substantially influential throughout the global metal community. Napalm Death is the best-selling death metal band in the United States.

Mitch Harris got hold oft he Kemper Profiling Amp very early and he uses it extensively. Here’s what he has to say:
“Search no further, the wait is over. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier was arrived as the answer to our prayers. The sonic DNA approach has found the missing link to what all guitar amp simulators have tried so hard to achieve. The kemper sounded so close to my original guitar sound that it was scary. Imagine the possibilities with multitracking, not to mention the 1,000's of presets already available online. The most amazing thing was the post equalizer settings, which opened the door to possibilities of improving the tone with more bass, mid, treble, presence, and most importantly, GAIN!!! It’s even better now than the tone I was striving for!

This unit will revolutionize the recording and home recording industry. It literally is "plug and play" at this point!

What are you waiting for, this will change the future, this will change the way things are done, and rewrite the book for the 21st century.
If only it had been this easy all along. The benefits outweigh the cost of the genius invention ten fold. Take advantage before the rest of the world does!”

Check out Napalm Death’s new video: www.youtube.com/watch

Kerry A. Marx

Kerry Marx is a session player and the staff electric guitarist at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He has toured and recorded with several artists including Johnny Cash, Don McLean, and Olivia Newton-John. He has composed, recorded, and performed music for the Country Music Association Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, American Idol, and many more.

‘I have a wide range of amplifiers and effects to choose from, but since acquiring the Kemper Modeling amp have been using it almost exclusively. More and more clients have been requiring it on their sessions, its clarity and quality of tone has spoiled them. And its responsiveness, ease-of-use and vast sonic palette has spoiled me!’


Ken Susi - Unearth

Unearth is an American metalcore band from Winthrop, Massachusetts. Formed in 1998, the group has released five studio albums. Their fourth record, The March was released on October 14, 2008 meeting with high positive reception by many. Their fifth album, Darkness in the Light, was released July 5, 2011.

Ken Susi is a very early adopter of the Kemper Profiler and is very vocal about the tonal quality and versatility. Thanks to him the word spread fast amongst the metal community. 
"If I am in the studio making a record or traveling the world playing shows, the Kemper profiling amp gives me a leg up on every other musician. I am able to take all my classic amps, cabs, microphone positions and studio preamps with me all in one unit. The KPA is accurate and has excellent voicing with some class-A effects. The Kemper Profiling Amp has changed my life and the way I perform onstage and in the studio. This profiling amp is one of a kind and one the best advancements in amp building in the past 10 years!"

John Payne

John Payne is the singer, bassist, and producer of the rock band ASIA. He is one oft he very early adaptors oft the Profiler. He is working in his studio with the worldwide creme de la creme of guitar players.

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uulzb3fZF2k

Rem Massingill

Rem Massingill is a very busy guitar player and also the stars first call guitar tech for the likes of Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell and Buckcherry.

Watch the video to hear what he thinks about the Profiler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzfa8Y_yNV8

Eric Bazilian

Eric’s first founded his first notable band The Hooters in 1980. "Nervous Night", The Hooters’ debut on Columbia, sold in excess of 2 million copies and included Billboard Top 40 hits such as "Day By Day" (#18), And We Danced (#21) and "Where Do The Children Go" (#38). After creating 6 well-received albums, The Hooters achieved superstar status throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. As a result, The Hooters were asked to open 3 of the most important musical events of the century, Live-Aid Concert, 1985 in Philadelphia, Amnesty International Concert at Giants Stadium in 1986, and Roger Waters’ extravaganza at The Wall in Berlin in 1990.

Since then, Eric has become recognized internationally as a gifted songwriter, musician, arranger and producer. Eric wore all those hats while involved with Joan Osborne’s debut project. "Relish" was nominated for 6 Grammy Awards in 1996 including Song Of The Year for the #3 Billboard smash hit "One Of Us" which Eric is proud to have single handedly written.
He played the Kemper Profiler throughout his german tour with the Hooters and Orchestra: "It's been amazing, the front of house guy is trying to convince every guitarist to get one now!"


A lot has happened with Dutch band Delain since they unleashed their second album in 2009. An extensive headliner tour of Europe was followed by tours of North and South America. The live impressions and pure energy that all this activity brought the band is now clearly audible in the material featured on their new material, the band’s third release. We Are The Others is by far the most powerful, atmospheric and irresistible album of their career!
The Tour led them from Montpellier, to Barcelona, from Essen to Moscow. Always with them on the Road and responsible for their guitar- sound: the Kemper Profiler.

Watch an interview with Delain


Moke are an Irish/ Dutch Band that are based in Holland. Their first two albums have gold status in the Netherlands and they have played throughout Europe with Paul Weller and toured in Germany with Amy McDonald and Keane. Their 3rd Album will be released on september the 27th 2012 and during their recording sessions in the ICP Studios in Brussels they used the profiler a lot. They found the sound so good that they will be integrating it into their live set up.

Their website: www.mokemusic.com

Christian Neander

Christian Neander was co-founder and guitarist of one germany's best known rock bands with german lyrics: Selig. After the band split in 1999 they reformed in late 2008 and since then are touring and producing albums. Christian is also a successful Songwriter for a wide range of artists. He runs his own recoriding studio in Berlin Kreuzberg.

He is one of the first guitar players who checked out the Profiler. We heard that a new Selig record is coming and we are excited to learn how it was used on which song.

Marco Minnemann

Marco Minnemann is a Drummer. One of the most renowend specialists for "advanced" modern Music: He plays with Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Necrophagist and of course works a s a solo artist. For more info visit: www.marcominnemann.com or Facebook.

"I think the Kemper Profiling Amp is easily one of the most innovative devices in the guitar world today. I was completely blown away by the accuracy of the profiling results. On top of that, the Kemper has astonishing variety and possibilities, enabling you to create, combine and compose rigs with the great onboard effects, amplifiers and cabinets. I'm in love with that device and already used it exclusively on my latest production."

Michael Elsner

Michael Elsner is a guitarist, songwriter and producer. He has played on sessions for various projects including Ella Enchanted (starring Anne Hathaway), Sundays At Tiffany's (starring Alyssa Milano) and Young Adult (starring Charlize Theron), among others. As a writer, Michael has written for television shows and films including American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Cold Case, EXTRA, The Sing Off, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical 2. His commercials include Audi, Mazda and Skechers. 

For more information on Michael, visit his website www.michaelelsner.com

Keith Merrow

Keith Merrow is a studio musician hailing from Portland, Oregon- USA. His extreme style of guitar playing is a unique blend of traditional metal with a dash of obscurity. In May of 2009, he released a self produced EP titled Lonestar Transcend. This EP is a compilation of songs that were first heard on Keith’s YouTube page, where he posted playthrough videos of the songs.

„The Kemper Profiling amp is the most fun I've ever had with any guitar related item. Within hours of owning it, I was able to dial in at least 10 tones I would be happy to use on a professional recording. But the real magic comes when you engineer and profile your own rig or favorite amp! I was able to capture and replicate the EXACT tone I like, and actually improve on it with the KPA's advanced tone-shaping options.“

Jacek Polak

Jacek has been described as the "Paganini of the Guitar" by a Slovak periodical. He recorded his first album, called "QN" in 1991, then began playing festivals, concerts and recording sessions, finally appearing at the International Rock Festival in 1993. Three years later, Jacek recorded his second CD called "Manhattan-One". Later, in 1997, he put out an instructional video called "Video Instruction School", which made his band even more famous in Poland. He got his Profiler in january 2012 said: „At the first gig I played the „profiler“ i outsold the entire merchandise CDs we had with us. That has never happened before!“ Here is his concert schedule:http://www.mrpollack.pl/koncerty.html

Uwe Bossert

Uwe Bossert is a guitar player, songwriter, producer and studio owner. He came to fame with the multi platinum act Reamonn. Currently he is busy working on new productions in the studio and touring with his new band Stereolove.
He is a very early adaptor of the Kemper Profiling Amp. 
We met him in Summer 2011 at his studio and talked to him about his work with the "Profiler"

Here the german video: youtu.be/t8GzfcD6q1Q     and here the dubbed version: youtu.be/fcPMb7fMHag

Black Veil Brides

Their song "Unbroken" is on The Avengers Soundtrack. AltSounds.Com has posted a review for Unbroken by Black Veil Brides praising that the song is phenomenal in sound, consisting of well-balanced vocals, awesome guitar and bass riffs, infectious drum beats, and irresistible lyrics.
Here with Sean Beavan in the studio: „Besides being insanely versatile and sounding great out of tbe box, my favorite thing about the Kempler Profiling Amplifier is that I can get a great guitar sound in a huge studio, profile it with the Kemper, and then do all my overdubs at my mix room. I can punch right into tracks recorded with the real amp and not hear a difference. It has changed the way I work, and with budgets tightening?It is incredibly cost effective. Genius!“  

Alan Litten

Alan Litten is a freelance engineer/producer based in Nashville, TN. He has nearly 16 years of experience recording, mixing, and producing in many diverse genres. Some artists include Aretha Franklin, Faith Evans, Myron Butler, Shirley Caesar, Kloud 9, and Daniel Moore. Alan has been nominated and/or awarded both Stellar and Grammy awards for his work as engineer. He works out of his private studio, "Room With a View" near Nashville.
Recently notable is his work with producer/writer/guitarist Michael Elsner on the "Nashville Sessions" profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp. 100 profiles were taken of 22 vintage, modern, and boutique amplifiers, cabinets, and combos. Particular attention was paid to detail, and very high standards were kept during the process, resulting in extremely accurate profiles, indistinguishable from the original amp tone. A large number of these profiles now come standard with the Profiler.

John Huldt

John Huldt plays Metal, Country and everything in between. He is currently producing his new solo album with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. And he is able to produce his new solo Album because of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

Watch John talk about music production with the Kemper Profiler

Niko Tsonev

Niko Tsonev toured North and South America with Steven Wilsons’s „A grace for drowning!“ project.
He says: „Note the little green box on top of the amp. It's the mighty Kemper KPA-1 preamp feeding the return of whatever amp we happen to have at the various venues in South America. Awesome sounds!"

Andrés Osorio Toledo

As a highly recognized guitar player in Colombia, he’s a dedicated composer, who has worked in several projects in his country. Even if it is writing the music, teaching virtuous students or producing, he’s always tight to his work, as he considers it his biggest love.
Today he works with Kemper along other labels.
"Kemper is my dream come true, has changed my life and allow me to transport my tone in a rack unit. ", he says about the Profiler.

Jay Stapley

When one of the biggest "hugestest" acts in germany hit the road for the big arenas, Jay Stapley was with him on stage playing the guitar. What he has to share about the Profiler is pretty straight forward:
"Brilliant! All the sounds I want, when I want them, not when the manufacturer decides to give them to me! The KPA is both a problem-solver and a creative tool and is in both my studio and live rigs."

Denis Hemingson

Denis Hemingson is a live and session player out of Nashville, Tennesee. He told us:
"We are into our 3rd week of touring on the Tim McGraw/ Kenny Chesney "Brothers Of The Sun" tour. We are playing all stadiums this summer. I have been playing my electric guitars and melobars exclusively through the KPA. It has worked out fantastically - I love the sound - it sounds exactly like my favorite amps from home (that I have profiled!) I'm giving the FOH and monitor engineers a consistent input level everyday and everyone is very pleased with it!"

Manny Charlton

Spanish-born Charlton's family had emigrated to Dunfermline, Scotland in the 1960s. Prior to joining Nazareth, Charlton played in a few bands, most notably the Mark 5 and later the Red Hawks, until joining the local semi-pro Dunfermline band The Shadettes. In 1968, the band changed their name to Nazareth, inspired by the opening lyric from "The Weight", a song by The Band.

In 2012 Manny signed to GB Records out of Los Angeles and teamed up with bass legend Tim Bogert and drum icon Walfredo Reyes Jr and new comer Robin De Lorenzo to create a new record called, "Hellacious".

Manny Charlton used the Kemper Profiling Amplifier exclusively on "Hellacious"
"I have owned Marshal, Orange, Roland, Vox, Fender you name it, none of them gave me the excitement to just plug in and play as the Kemper Amp" 

Michael Mellner

In italy Michael Mellner is considered as the landmark rock guitar teacher.
Michael has more than 40 years of guitar playing experience, with at least 25 of those in teaching. Countless students have followed his lessons, and many of them have become session players of the Italian music scene.
He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and stayed there for about 2 years and had experience with various musicians in both studio and live situations. Among them, the participation of a film score music with top producer, composer and guitar player Beppe Cantarelli who worked with Quincy Jones, Mina, and many others. Back to Italy in 1992, he toured with two Italian artists and co-produced a BMG artist singer named Brenda Pretorius. After that he devoted himself almost solely to rock guitar teaching at the most famous rock guitar school in Italy, Lizar Music Academy. He authored two BMG/Ricordi instructional methods (Book + CD) distributed all over Europe. He also formed the first Van Halen cover band in Italy, named “5150”, with huge success, still not equalized.
At present days, Michael is touring with his new show, “…a guitar night”, a guitar tribute show with both songs of his and revisited covers from various artist.
Michael is a very happy KPA player and cares to bring it both live and in studio for his needs.