KEMPER Kone NEO 2x12
KEMPER Kone NEO 2x12" Set
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KEMPER Kone NEO 2x12" Set

Replacement speaker set for standard guitar cabinets with a modern lightweight neodymium magnet

Now the same speaker from the acclaimed KEMPER Kabinet™ is available for a wider range of cabinet designs with new lightweight neodymium speakers for guitar tone monitoring with a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints for KEMPER PROFILER™ players with their PROFILER PowerRack™ and PROFILER PowerHead™ units.

The KEMPER Kone™ is specially designed for the PROFILER™ and the exclusive and unique speaker tone mining technology developed by KEMPER, making it possible to digitally "imprint" various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet.

For the new KEMPER Kone NEO speaker, KEMPER replaced the conventional magnet with a modern lightweight neodymium magnet, providing the identical magnetic field and identical sound of the "classic" KEMPER Kone. Now the Kone is 1,5 kg lighter than before which makes 2 x 12" and 4x 12" cabinet designs much easier to log around.

Cabinets loaded with KEMPER Kone Speakers can be driven by the power amp of a PROFILER PowerHead™ or PowerRack™, as well as by utilizing any external solid-state power amp. When using external stereo amplifiers, driving two Kabinets in stereo is possible. The unpowered models like PROFILER Rack™, PROFILER Head™, and PROFILER Stage™ require also external power amps for driving the Kabinet NEO.

The new KEMPER Kone™ NEO is available as a single unit and as 2 and 4 speaker sets for 2 x 12" and even 4 x 12" guitar cabinets. Requests from 3rd party cabinet makers are welcome!

Features and specifications

  • Dimensions: 30.5 cm (12 inches)
  • Weight: 2,4 kg (5,4 pounds) vs. prior 3,90 kg (8.60 pounds)
  • Power Handling: 200W rms
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Cut-out-diameter: 28,3 cm (11,14 inches)

What's in the box?

  • 2x KEMPER Kone NEO
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