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KEMPER PROFILER Player - The Little Green Monster Premium Pedal

KEMPER PROFILER Player - The Legacy and the next incarnation of the PROFILER platform

The KEMPER PROFILER has changed the world of guitar tone significantly. The acclaimed KEMPER PROFILING technology and the brand-new Liquid Profiles provide the best amp tones anytime and anywhere possible - offering consistent accuracy and also a convenient package for touring, traveling, and studio use.

The KEMPER PROFILER Player is the latest and the most complete serving of professional amp tones and studio-grade FX per footprint. Requiring only the floorboard space of two standard distortion pedals the PROFILER Player turns any pedal board into an arena-grade touring rig. And, what’s more, the Player indeed itself is already the arena-grade touring rig that fits in every guitar bag. It offers the full arsenal of KEMPER amp tones (yes, the Amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers - it loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs), selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities - at home, in the studio, in the rehearsal room, and on stage.

Made in Germany: The little green monster, the son of a PROFILER, The KEMPER PROFILER Player, premium pedal - Concept and Features

At first glance, the PROFILER Player is an easy-access guitar amp with familiar classic controls, where you can store your precious amp channel settings.

The amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers. It loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs out there.

Rigs from the big PROFILERs are fully compatible within the limits of the Player’s 4 FX slots.

If you want to dig deeper and access every single effect setting, the Rig Manager remote app connects to the Player through USB or WLAN on a platform of your choice.

Connect your phone to the Player by Bluetooth to play along your guitar licks to Spotify.

At home the Player is the perfect rehearsal amp, on stage, it is a self-contained KEMPER PROFILER.

Turn the PROFILER Player into a combo amp by connecting one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets.

The Player is reduced to the max and therefore also a match for bass players and acoustic guitarists. Also, keyboard players will enjoy the leading tube amp PROFILEs and studio-grade effects to spice up their sounds.

Expand the live control capabilities simply by adding expression pedals or additional foot-switches. MIDI via USB - Supports typical USB2MIDI cables


Four effect blocks elevate the Player to a professional stand-alone live solution.

The PROFILER Player offers a selection of some the finest effects in the world. As a company, KEMPER is also responsible for creating the ACCESS™ VIRUS™, one of the most successful synthesizers of all time. Nearly 25 years of experience.
Along with the standard effects, you will find algorithms rarely seen in a guitar processor - these include an authentic rotary speaker and studio-grade reverbs, offering amazing rooms, large halls, even lush, pad-like ambiences and many more.

The Player’s signal chain comprises 4 effect modules in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to two effects can be placed "pre" the amp stack, and another two "post" the amp. The post-amp modules of the effect chain are ideal for delay and reverb effects. Both delay and reverb offer "spillover"at any time, meaning the sonic tail is not cut off when you change to another Rig.
The Player offers a massive, well-curated selection of 136 different FX settings taken from the legendary KEMPER PROFILER FX arsenal that features over 444 FX presets in total.

Liquid Profiling™

Liquid Profiles

For the first time ever the acclaimed patented PROFILING technology seamlessly assimilates with modeling.

From now on guitar players and producers can enjoy the exact PROFILEs of their individual amps PLUS get access to the original sonic bandwidth of the original amplifier design and tone stacks of their amps’ brand.

Compared to your regular PROFILEs the Liquid Profile now features the exact authentic tone stack and authentic "gain-behaviour". The limits of the snapshots are a thing of the past.

Now you can play authentic. Or, of course, even try tone stacks of a classic Class A combo on a Plexi Head and so much more!

PROFILING and modeling! You are getting both worlds, not only the best of both worlds. Both worlds! That’s a bold statement, yes. With the PROFILER you always have access to bold worlds!

And there are more features that the player shares with the premium PROFILER Head, Rack, and Stage. Here is an overview:

  • Rig Manager: Unprecedented full remote app control of the Player on every relevant computer platform: Mac, PC, Android tablet, Android phone, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone.
    Extended Rig management and access to 20.000 user-generated Rigs by Rig Manager on Mac and PC.
  • Supports the new and innovative Liquid Profiles.
  • Fast and seamless cross-fading Rig switching, smooth delay/reverb spillover at any time. No artificial scene handling is needed to achieve smooth transitions between rigs and FX settings.
  • Elaborate high-quality instrument input with 127 dB dynamic range, crucial for high-gain sounds.
  • Takes external distortion pedals and effects like a tube amp.
  • No loss of precious sound edits when powering down.
  • 3 independently controllable output groups via XLR, Stereo Monitor, Stereo Headphone:
    One ground-lifted XLR connects you directly to the FOH mixing desk at studio level, without the need for DI boxes.
    Two TS jacks connect to your home studio or to one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets in full stereo.
  • Full support of the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet, for full-range reproduction, as well as the highly acclaimed "Imprint" mode that creates the true "cabinet-in-the-room" sound.
  • Loads Cabinet IRs.
  • Full USB audio capabilities for play-along and professional DAWs.
  • Full USB midi capabilities for DAWs.
  • Midi program change and control through standard USB Midi adapter (not included).
  • Midi support for external USB foot controller.
  • Simple data backup/restore and software update by a USB stick in your pocket.
  • Keep your tablet powered the whole night by charging it through the USB jack.
  • Freely definable footswitches and dual footswitch combinations.
  • Dual expression pedal and external switch capabilities.
  • Unique spectral noise gate for suppressing pickup hum
  • The tuner always on and present
  • Patented "Pure Cabinet" feature for taming excessive frequency spikes of mic'ed cabinets
  • "Space" effect on headphones for fatigue-free rehearsing
  • High power headphone output

The KEMPER PROFILER Player is the perfect tone solution for a wide variety of guitarists and other musicians!

For modern guitarists:

When you need the most authentic amp tones, pedals and performance switching with a small footprint for maximal mobility and professional consistency of tone in any genre.

For metal guitarists:

Utmost tightness, depth and punch for extended range guitars is what metal players they need. And those rigs which deliver exactly that are available from the vast collection of amp PROFILEs created by the top producers of genre. Check out the Hall of Fame page.

For vintage amp connoisseurs:

Choose the Liquid Profiles from the Rig Packs of the factory content and Rig Manager.
The unparalleled "spongy" KEMPER spring reverb will be your go-to always on FX. The PROFILER users say, it's the best digitally modeled spring reverb ever.

For bass players:

Configure independent output for mic'ed bass amp PROFILE and DI Output to the FOH, if required.
Enjoy the PROFILER vintage analog Octaver. It never loses tracking, as the original did. The unparalleled and versatile KEMPER compressor makes it easy to keep the dynamics under control and also bring out any important nuance of your playing.

For acoustic guitar players:

Use dedicated acoustic PROFILEs to tame the piezo pickups of your acoustic guitars.
Season to taste with KEMPER’s studio-grade reverbs for an immersive sound.

For keyboarders:

The PROFILER Player is a high-level multi-effects processor with a no-jokes tube amp simulation, ask your guitarist :)
You have to try our rotary speaker Rig, which has been profiled (!) from an original Leslie 122. This should be the best choice in case you seek a better rotary speaker emulation.

Included Effect Types and Presets

Wah Wah

Wah Wah Cry
Cry Red
Cry Whip
RMC 10
Vox Old
Dlp Hendrix
Mrly Horse Vai
Captain K
Ibz Wh Ten
Mutron 3 A
Mutron 3 B
Pluto A
Pluto B

Distortion and Boost

Green Scream Crunch
Plus DS Crunch
One DS Medium
Muffin Soft
Pure Booster Confident


Graphic EQ
Acoustic Simulator
Double Tracker Wide

Compressor & Noise Gate

Compressor Soft
Noise Gate 2:1


Vintage Chorus Subtle
Air Chorus Slow
High End
Vibrato Subtle
Rotary Speaker Fast
Tremolo Slow

Phaser & Flanger

Phaser Eddy
Stone 1
Stone 2
Flanger Light

Pitch Shifter

Transpose Wholestep Down


Single Delay Echo Machine
Bad Tape
Room Slap
Tape Slapback 2
Tape Slapback 1
Reverse 1
Reverse 2
Two Tap Delay Double
Turning Head
Analog Ping Pong
Tape Ping Pong
The Edge Pong 5/16
Reverse Ping Pong
Reverse Smear
Legacy Delay


Spring Reverb Reverb Fan
Large Spring
Easy Reverb Concert Hall
Big Hall
Small Plate
Large Plate
Mod Hall
Guitar Room
Echo Reverb Slap
Legacy Reverb
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