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  • hi there,

    I also had to change a unit as you posted on the forum.

    Noise is not such a problem any more, but on high gains when I touch browse knob noise appears. Is it the same with your new unit?

    • I had another problem.. not noise.

      It was non-responsive footswitches.

      Current unit is Ok.

    • Sorry... posted to wrong wall accidentally))) thanks for reply.

      As your unit is good, can you help me understand - is it ok to hear noise when you touch browse button on high gain profiles?

  • Sup man i saw your question in the stage button post.

    I didnt want to put this publicly out there because it gives people the potential to cause serious harm.

    What im about to say technically can void your warranty if something goes horribly wrong..but if you do it correctly you may be able to fix this. but i wont be responsable ha.

    However what i did to fix was a combination of loosening the Button while in that button log mode..

    So make sure your in the button count/mode.

    Carefully Loosen the hex nut that holds the button down to the stage...im talking like loosen it hardly enough till you are able to rotate the actual button.

    Like literally Millimeters of movements! very Small!!!

    I twist the whole button just a tiny bit one way and click the button till i get consistent button counts.

    Once it seems pretty stable ill hold that button as tight as i can while sinking back down the Screw to keep it in place.

    Has to be some kind of angle that changes inside the button contacts over time. Hope that makes sense.

    Hope that helps


    • Thank you very much!

      Meanwhile, I've returned it to the store because I've bought it just a week ago and now waiting for their check and answer. We'll see how it goes.