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  • Hey bro, I saw your comment about Chop tones. You like their Slo 100 profiles? You said you use one profile or ??

    I bought a JJ Friedman pack and they are all super dark and compressed. I really want to get a Jake E Lee pack but their free sample is horrid. Nothing like the real amp which I owned and have 5 samples on my YT page.

    • No the only pack that I bought from them was the JP2C and it sounds awesome. What are you running the patches through? FRFR or power amp and cab?

    • I own high end frfr Xitone and Atomic but prefer my Fryette ps2 into my Friedman 4x12 cab. frfr's with baked in cab sounded horrid to me

    • Very true! Fryette into the Friedman 2X12 should sound really good. I'm just running into a Joyo Bantamp (Effects return - 20 watt SS power amp) into a 1X12 with a V30. It sounds pretty good in my rig.

    • Cool! Yeah I actually sold my Atomic CLR neo last week. Real cabs kill in in comparison!

    • BTW how are you running your profiles??? From the monitor out or main out to the power amp?? Run monitor out and ensure that cab is turned off..