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  • When you said to place the treble booster post amp to lighten up a dark profile did you mean an internal treeble booster within the KPA or an outboard pedal?

    • The Treble Booster is placed in MOD. I sometimes put a post-amp EQ (in X) and use it in conjunction with the Treble Boost. Your profiles will be like night and day. I've been mixing quite a bit lately, and putting the TB in the effects slot really puts the guitar where it is supposed to be for songs. I think it gives a more massive tone. Just adjust the amount of TB tone to taste.

  • Good day!

    Tell me how it is possible to make a sound loop in RIPER? And I would also like to make a sound from WAV to BWAV. Thank you in advance!


    I use focusrite clarett 4pre usb

  • Your name happen to be Larry?