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  • Hi Don,

    Just found a thread about wah settings: need help setting up your Wah in the Profiler? do you own a rare Wah? let me know.

    I have a Fulltone clyde deluxe wah and I want to get that sound in my kemper.

    I'm trying but still not happy.

    Do you still transfer the characteristics of Wah pedals?

    If so; can i send you the white noise files?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Don,

    I'm loving v7 by the way, so thanks to the whole team, you guys rock!

    I've just tweaked a rig and produced what I think is the closest I've heard to a violin and kind of wanted to share this with the good folks on here. Since I did not make the original profile, wasn't sure this was kosher, so I thought I'd ask you first if this was ok to share... sort of like I did with that Trower univibe effect. What do you think?



    • Hi Gary,

      thank you for your kind words, it is much appreciated! :)

      In this case I think it would be best, if you contacted the author of the Profile and got his permission to upload an altered version of his creation.

      Does the effect really depend so much on the amp/cab, though? Or is it more a clever combination of effects?



    • I think it's more a factor of effects, amp and cab interchangeable within limits.

  • Hi Don!

    I found something about your sitar profile. It’s cool!

    Could you help me to get it?🙏

    Thanks 🤗

  • Sorry about that commercial rig post!

  • Hi Don,

    I am contacting you directly since I know you have a lot of pedals and I guess you have experienced using your overdrives with the Kemper at some point, right?

    I like using drive pedals in front of the Kemper (only the ones I can't replicate with the Kemper, yet)

    But, now I want to use the pedals in stomp C or D using FX Loop before the stack section, so I can use the Remote to control them.

    I've tried all FX loop settings (Mono, Distortion, Stereo) but the sound I get is not the same. It's like the pedal losses it's drive tone. I was able to level the audio volume level sent to the pedal and coming from the pedal, but when I A/B the setup in front of the Kemper vs. the FX loop there is a noticeable difference. I've realized that some KP forum members noticed the same difference.

    May it is caused by the different analog-digital conversions going on in each setup?

    Any advice you could share using drive pedals in the FX loop or how to work around this?

    Please PM if you can.



  • Hi Don,

    I'm new to the forum and just found your thread on Wah Pedals.

    I have series 1 Budda Bud-Wah +

    Happy to create the audio files you need (I downloaded the white noise).

    Should I just run that file through the wah at line level or are you thinking I run through a DI and drop it down to instrument level?

    Also the Boost on the BudWah+ sounds great too (that's the + part) and I'm happy to record it that if it's helpful...not sure if the white noise would show the coloration of the pedal across that range.

    Anyway let me know. (I tried a conversation but you are full up again, you are just too popular ;)



    • Hi Rick,

      thanks for contacting me - the Bud Wah sounds very interesting!

      So far all the recordings of the white noise through the wah pedals were made without a DI box, so this should work fine.

      It might be interesting to record a third file, where you have the wah effect disabled and after a few seconds engage the boost. If the boost is only available with the wah effect active, please record the heel and toe positions a few seconds without the boost and then again with the boost.

      This way I can see if the boost is just a volume thing, or if some additional EQ is happening.

      Looking forward to the files! :)

      thanks again,

      best regards


    • Awesome! I'll get you some samples tonight. Let me know where I should send them :)

    • Oops hit enter too soon. I can put them in a dropbox folder for you if that works. :)

    • great!

      I'll send you a pm (after deleting a whole bunch I guess) :D


    • Files are made :) Whenever you are ready sir :D

  • Hi Don, I got an email with your message but can't find the conversation on the forum to reply. Seems you have too many conversations, so I can't create a new one.

  • Hi Don,
    Kemper Desktop model - Software up to date - musician / design engineer
    I am trying to advocate a change for enhanced EQ for the Global settings. For the most part I’m a live performer - my first effort is to “tune” or dial-in my speaker cabinet in an effort to balance its sonic characteristics with most desirable Kemper factory Library rigs. In other words, making the speaker cabinet sound desirable with the Kemper Rigs. For me, this creates a known base line to develop from.

    A mult-octave graphic and or additional parametric controls would be highly effective in dialing-in/out these complex sonic characteristics of any given speaker setup.

    Your thoughts?

    Proud Kemper User / Developer since 12-2016

    Joseph Rao

  • Hi Don. I was wondering if would you happen to have those Cavernous reverb patches or presets from before ? I cant seem to find them in the kemper download section. thank you very much sir ☕️

    • Hi javcab08,
      are you referring to factory effect presets, the Delay Demo Rigs, or something else entirely? ;)

    • Hi Don.
      I think I came across one of your responses about reverb and ambient sounds with the Kemper and you mentioned something about having made some presets with cavernous reverb or delay? Im sorry I cant recall.
      I remember you saying they were in the download section but cant seem to find it. I think I'm referring to effect presets ?
      Thanks a lot Don.

    • sorry, I don't recall. can you link the thread?

  • check inbox please?

  • Hi Don,

    I have heel and toe recordings of a Morley Tremonti wah and a Dunlop Slash Crybaby. Let me know where to send them.

  • Hello Don,

    I need a bit of help here with the wah function. I purchased an EP1-KP and have it set up in the Pedal 5 and 6 of my Kemper Remote. It's functioning as a wah and a volume.

    When I'm in the wah mode, (W Wah Cry), it seems to function correctly as I'm rocking the pedal, but when I stop in any position, it seems to default to as if the wah isn't on. In other words, if I position the wah halfway, it will respond to that position, then if I leave it there, it seems to turn off.

    I see on the Kemper page 1/3, there are parameters labeled Manual, Peak, Pedal Range, and Peak Range. Would you happen to have a video or tutorial showing how these parameters would be correctly setup?

    Also, how would you set the pedal up to act as a master volume, to follow the Master Volume control on the face of the Kemper Profiler?

    Thank you Don!

    Don Carr

  • Hey Don,
    Just purchased an EP1-KP for my Kemper, and trying to find a decent wah. I've been able to setup a wah/volume, but it seems to be only effective for the rig I'm setting it to, and then not when the rig is in a performance. And the wah is not working globally. Help?
    Don Carr

  • Hi Don. I would've preferred to send this in a conversation, but it seems I can't make one with you as you've got the maximum amount already. I'd basically like to apologize if I came off wrong in the NAMM thread. It's wasn't my intention to insult the Kemper staff or any member on the forum for that matter. I can see how my opinion may have been too harsh. I hope we can move past this. Kind regards, Laurens.

  • Hi, I'm a big wah user, and would really love to try your wah clones! I cant seem to find the relevant link. Would be great if you could send me a link, or let me know where to download. Thanks!

  • I've got a Dunlop 535Q20 20th Anniversary, if you need another...?

  • Hi. I've just read your post from Feb 14 about Wah pedals. Just to let you know that I've got a Morley Compact from the late 80's if that's still of any interest.