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  • Hi, I'm looking at the Lattes myself. Do you have 1 or 2. What can you say about them?

    • I have one that I use with my retrofit Ambrosi power amp. Pros: Very transparent. No harshness. Solid construction. Looks cool! Cons: Not so easy to carry, even considering their relatively light weigh, because it's a cube. Resale value is not sure even if the quality is on par with others very high end FRFR speakers, because this companie is mostly well known by bass players who really like their bass amps..

    • Hey Pick909,

    • Sorry, but I haven't been on here for a while. Do you gig with the Latte? You said you have only 1 not2, correct?

    • Well, I mostly use a pair of Yamaha DXR10 because I like to monitor myself in stereo. But two lattes would sound great! I use the latte at rehearsal in a W-D-W setup and for some grab'n go smaller gigs or fun.