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  • 10 months later, and it still confuses even me, Ant! LOL

    Still, until I'm offered permission to swap back, it's just-fine with me; hopefully Brother Skocz feels the same way. I don't want to hassle a mod about this and am hoping the day will simply come when I'm given the "blessing" to make the switch.

    Hope you're well, Ant and Skoczy!

    Dang, I realise I should've replied "below" Ant's post. Danged intranets technology...

  • For the love of god change your profile pic as it is confusing the hell out of me thinking your posts are Nickys! lol

  • Skoczy, Thanks for the SSD input, I've been thinking about upgrading for all the reasons you mentioned.

  • Hi Skoczy - What happened to your "New delays are here" thread? I can't seem to find it..!

  • Hello skoczy, did you ever solve your problem that rigmanager shows 0 rigs on your kemper? I still cannot solve this problem. Thanks

    • Hey man sorry for late reply - it was faulty USB A-B cable. Replaced the cable, problem was gone. Regards