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  • hola como hiciste lo de

    Tengo RM en computadora portátil y PC. Me deshago de la PC.

    ¿Puedo fusionar la Biblioteca local de RM en la PC con la Biblioteca local en la computadora portátil? (ambos Windows 10).

  • Hello,

    so if it's not a secret... what it will be your choice Frayette or Tc electronic.... I m surprised the Tc Bam 200 really sound good for the money... How ever did you try Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170 ?

    Sorry to bother you... BEST WISHES.

    • Hi- hard to tell. In room they sounded similar, on recording though they sounded bit different. I haven't tried SD PS170.

      Take care!

  • Hello,

    how did the comparison goes between Frayette S2 and Tc electronic Bam 200... Thanks and Best Regards

    • Hi, gonna o the comparison today, if I get the time. First imporessions -it's very loud. With good profile it sounds as good as PS-2 I think. I will try to record video later.

  • Hello,

    sorry to bother you, did you get your Kemper Kabinet yet or are you still waiting?


  • Hello,

    what is your status about Kemper Kabinet.... Best Regards

  • Hello,

    I have been also ordering Kemper Kabinet at Kemper Online Store a few days ago... There is problem with paying... Something about Server's... So the paying threw PayPal are not processed yet.... Have you the same problem with your shipment?

    Thanks for your answer and Best Regards

    • Hi kitarist I ordered my Kabinet last Friday and it read supposed to be shipped today, however not not sure if it has been shipped already.

      Payment was easy with credit card.

    • I call them today and they say that will send an email to me when the Paying is processed.... Try to call them tomorrow and you will see your status.... BEST WISHES

    • kitarist my Kabinet should arrive to my door on Monday 30th March. However I will be waiting for Fryette-PS2, which will be here probably at the end of next week...

    • Because of Coronaviruse all shipments last longer... Please let me know how the Frayette PS-2 work when you get it... I m a little short for the money at the moment so I ve ordered Seymour Duncan Power stage 170... But I m still very interested in this Frayette S2 tube Power amp. Stay well.

  • I do not want to get into debate online or question other's opinion, but saw your post and though Kemper sounds good to me through FRFR I can only tell you PS2 through my DT 25 cab is amp in the room. My intent was to A/B the PS2 against cabinet. But after having PS2 I will not give it up. And yes it cost me $600 US. and I don't like to spend money. Steve Fryette has video series using LS1 stereo which is twice the price. Volume II is with Kemper but in this video he discusses tubes vs solid state. PS2 also serves as a reactive attenuator if you have tube amps. .

    • HI Crossroads, thanks for you input. Money is not that big factor for me. Do you suggest that PS2 makes the sound more alive and amp-in-the room, that FRFR?

    • The difference between solid state amp and LS1 is night and day! Wow. Even on laptop speakers. I think this convinced me...

    • So I am thinking I can get a Kabinet next week. Hoping to A/B Bias Mini SS amp against PS2 with Kemper Kab.

      I found this guy with Kone video. Sounds kinda processed and harsh to me but CK said it wouldn't mic well.

      This guy has some profiles you can download and uses PS2 with Kemper.

    • I've seen this second video and it's very convincing. I'm waiting for you 6 test results Crossroads

  • 10 months later, and it still confuses even me, Ant! LOL

    Still, until I'm offered permission to swap back, it's just-fine with me; hopefully Brother Skocz feels the same way. I don't want to hassle a mod about this and am hoping the day will simply come when I'm given the "blessing" to make the switch.

    Hope you're well, Ant and Skoczy!

    Dang, I realise I should've replied "below" Ant's post. Danged intranets technology...

  • For the love of god change your profile pic as it is confusing the hell out of me thinking your posts are Nickys! lol

  • Skoczy, Thanks for the SSD input, I've been thinking about upgrading for all the reasons you mentioned.

  • Hi Skoczy - What happened to your "New delays are here" thread? I can't seem to find it..!

  • Hello skoczy, did you ever solve your problem that rigmanager shows 0 rigs on your kemper? I still cannot solve this problem. Thanks

    • Hey man sorry for late reply - it was faulty USB A-B cable. Replaced the cable, problem was gone. Regards