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  • Greetings, I hope all goes well. I just found your Kee Marcello related post from 6 years ago when I was searching for the same thing. One thing I didn't see mentioned re: Kee's tone is he played 24 fret neck through Larivee guitars around that timeframe, definitely on Out of This world, and a bit on Prisoner's in Paradise as well. Larivee RS-4 with Duncan JB in the Bridge and 59 in the neck is what it was.

    Note the name on the first electric guitar shown in this vid on Larivee:

    And here he's playing one live:

    I was obsessed with his sound/tone back then, and I've been trying to nail it for years! Hope you got it!


  • hi i wonna ask you something how i can find performance mode for final countdown solo because is 3 key in solo thanks for help

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