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  • How is H-Town, I miss Austin man.

    • Oh, you know, it's the same humid, sweltering, mosquito-infested hell that it's always been... but at least it's a little cooler today, thank goodness. #fallheresucks :)

      I never lived in Austin, but visited several times. I dig the live music scene there, for sure. And land topology that is not just "flat" and "concrete" is a welcome change, too!

  • Hi Jeff.

    I have the Maragold profiles. If you can't buy them online then let me know and I'll email them to you. If you like them then you can buy them online later.

    My e-mail is ''


    • Robman,

      Thanks. I reached out to Big Sun both on their website via the "contact us", as well as via their YouTube account, so we'll see what happened in terms of being able to purchase these things.

      Thanks again,


    • Maybe don't mention to them that I shared the Maragold with you !

      ( Profiles in the dropbox link above )

    • LOL. I'll definitely be keeping my big mouth shut about that. I won't download them until I give them enough time to respond to my inqury concerning, "Are you dead?" :) Thanks again for sharing... I look forward to checking these suckers out, whether eventually purchased or poached.