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  • Hi! just to thank you for your Splawn Nitro Klon profile, it's my main guitar sound!

  • Hi...greetings from the UK. Just wanted to say thanks for up loading your Splawn Nitro Klon profile to the rig library...its one of the very best profiles imo, I love it and is my 'go to' patch for all my live playing. Yes i've tweaked it a tad to fit my cab , genz benz g-flex2x12 and Palmer Macht 402 power amp...but great profile with awesome clarity its actually sounds...dare I say it...better than my real Splawn Nitro!! Niall
    Great vids should do more.

    • Cool man! Check out my latest nitro A and nitro B patches if you haven't heard them yet. I think they're a lot better than my other nitro patches.

  • Hello! I thought I'd let you know that your YouTube videos played a prominent part in my decision to get a Kemper, and once I did I made a specific point to get your profiles. For the moment the one I just can't get enough of is the Jet City 22H Boosted. After a bit of tweaking to suit my tastes, it is among the most vicious guitar tones I've ever heard. Now I guess I'll have to practice more to learn something worth playing on a tone that nasty. Anyway, thanks.

  • Hi, just would like to ask about this video you did with Power Station. I cant find this profile on Exchange, did you change the name of it? It also says PRE, is that a profile of the Pre-amp section only of the amplifier? Massive sound btw.
    Greetings from London!

    • Looks like I never uploaded this one. You should probably be able to tweak one of the other nitro profiles to get this tone by turning off the cab simulation. I may not have time to get that profile uploaded until next week.

    • Thank You for the reply. Let me know budd once you done that.

    • Hi again!!! Any chance to get this profile?

      Best Regards!

  • Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for your great profiles. They're insanely good. I once in a while check the exchange for more... :-). Thanks!