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  • Hello Jason,

    I think we have a problem with the E-mail transfer. That`s why I contact you here in the forum.

    I `ll try to contact you via [email protected] and I `ll give you also a PN next time.

    Actually the Profiler, knows automatically, if it is profiling a direct or a studio profile.
    If you profile a very linear cabinet, it may be, that the Profiler recognizes it as a direct profile. In doubt, the Profiler decides in favor of a studio profile. In that case, you can choose "No Cabinet" during the profiling process, on this way it is profiling a direct profile.

    At the moment, I have no answer, why the cab light is off although the cab is profiled, but I got your Rigs and try to find you.

    best regards


    • Thanks Peter,

      The strange issue is I have profiled other profiles in the same time period that all work fine, same cab, same mics, etc. Nothing was really different. Its just these specific profiles are acting this way.