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  • Hello man. Well bravo for your profiles and I am happy that you made merged or direct, much more usable, clever move.

    So...please we need more profiles (merged) from you because you made better profiles than very very known studios. I don't know your equipment but I am sure that you have the gift to make my Kemper sound like real amp and beat everything else outhere!!!

  • Hello sir ,

    I forced myself to send you a message , because I saw in the forum that you created a very good professional merged profile of the jcm800 ... may you tell me how I can have it ? Have you uploaded to the rig manager ? Thank you

    • Hi mate.. Appreciate this is a bit late in terms of a response !.. only just seen this as I don't come to the forums that often :)

      Yeah, it's on the rig exchange, but I presume you may have found that already !.. search for steveness and you should see all of my rigs :)