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  • Hello

    That Mandy tone is inspired for mine ! How to received that for Kemper ? Could you help me ?


  • Hi Damon,
    Yes, that's the profile I used. I think all I really did was adjust the bass to my ears and that's it. It's a great profile!

  • Hi Chad, I was looking at an old post where you played Stone In Love from Journey, you mentioned that you were using a modified version of the "lead" profile from the 1987x set under Amps Pack 2 on the Amp Factory website.
    I just downloaded the Amps Pack 2 and do see the A-1987X Lead Solo profile, is this the one you are using / referring to?

  • Hi, Can I find your "still of the night" profile on the Rig Exchange?

    • I wish I could help but that profile was part of the SinMix Friedman BE pack. I believe it was profile #6.

  • Hi Chad, can you send me your email address?

  • Hi! The profile sound cool, Ive bought it to but I'm searching for the TH merged cab.Where can I find it? regards Marcel

  • Cool...PM over at Rig-Talk. This board has had some tech issues for me. I will reply over there and share some things with you.

  • Steve Henning?

  • Hey Chad, This is Steve from Rig Talk- The Cherry Bomb guy.. Have you tried any of the Choptones profiles?