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  • hi was wondering how to connect my KPA up to my UA apollo new to all this.

    • Hello! I suggest posting your question in the User Forum. I don’t use an Apollo interface, but, there will be people there who can give you advice from their experience.

  • hi to you paults from Belgium i see your reply's in many of the forum sections

    and your nollig off the kemper is inpressive in my opinion

    my a ask you to have a look at my problem in the problem section

    it is concerning the stereo effects loop the connection is fine but i deleted the option

    stereo loop

    thanks in advance

  • Send your private mail adress

  • Hi. I see in an old post that you downloaded a free lasselammert’s profile of a Diezel vh4 with “Adam Jones settings”. Unfortunately that link does not work anymore. Could you please let me try it?

  • Hi Paul, I am new to the forum and find your posts very helpful. Do you know of a good way to run a KPA stereo setup with 2 DXR10s? I just got them and they seem incredibly loud.

    • They can be incredibly loud, but can be tamed for quieter gigs, or at home. I use the Line Inputs of my DXR10, with the input level turned down a bit.

  • Quick question, I have a show coming up at Ace Of Cups and this would be the first time using my Kemper with a professional sound set up, where do you normally set your output volume for the FOH? I thought I read somewhere someone suggested -16db

  • I just noticed your in Columbus and play with the Reaganomics, your playing tomorrow at the Zoofari with my cousins band The Martini Affair, Will Newsome. He is a shredder

    • Hi! Yes, he and I know each other - we've played several gigs with them. They are a great, fun band :)

  • Hey Paul... where does the Banshee talkbox fit in the signal chain with your KPA? I just got one and haven't figured out how to put it all together. Cheers

  • Hey Paul, saw your comments about your Daisy Rock Stardust Retro-H 12-string guitar. Can you tell me what the nut width is on yours?

    • Hello! The neck width at the nut is 1.6875", and the string spacing at the nut from the 12th string to the 1st string is 1.5".

  • Hi Pauk, how do you connect your Banshee to your Kemper?

  • never mind i found them on the rig exch. Thanks man

  • Hey whats up your profiles are tight as shit. pedal steel, wah formant etc. I just couldnt find where i could download them. That is if your sharing them with people , if so could you show the way to get some of those cool profiles?

    • Thank you! My rigs are available on the Rig Exchange / in Rig Manager. Search for "paults" and you will find them.

  • Love your profiles Paults, Really having fun with the shine pad ones, They sound amazing

  • Hey Paults...Wondering if you could give me your opinion on your JBL LSR308's? I seen in a post you said you use them and I'm considering a pair. I would not do any mixing on them only playing through them with the Kemper. The room is about 24ft by 15ft. I'm interested in them because of the wide sweet spot with their patented stereo imaging. I currently have a used set of Alesis M1 620's 6.5 inch speaker. They sound pretty good but wondering if I will get a much "bigger/fuller" sound using the 8 inch LSR's. Do you think they would be a good choice for just playing through for my given room size or would they maybe be too much and be better off with a smaller size. I appreciate your input and opinion on these monitors. Thanks!

    • If you are unsatisfied with your Alesis speakers, I'm sure these would sound much bigger and fuller. They would not be too much for the room - I use them in a smaller space than 24x15.

    • Awesome thanks man.

  • Hey there brother. Wanted to see if you are willing to be of service. I have a non-powerd kemper rack unit running into two powerd monitors. I also have two eventide h9's running in stereo into the effects loop. I want to incorporate the banshee into my rig. My understanding is that if I run the banshee in the front of my rig that I will not be able to use the effects inside the kempER which would include my eventide in the effects loop. Is this true? If so, I wanted to (if possible) run the banshee inline with my two eventide into the effect loop. This option (in theory) would be optimum for I could mix epic eventide sounds with the banshee. Thank you, Marcus.

    • Hello! The Banshee output is sent through a tube, into your mouth. The sound is typically sent to the PA with a vocal microphone. If you want your H9s to be able to have an effect on the Banshee output, you could do dimething complicated like this: get a small mixer. FX loop send to Banshee. Banshee bypass output to mixer . Connect a microphone to another mixer input. Connect the output of the mixer to the H9s.

    • Alright. Is there a simpler/way to hook up the banshee and use the effects that come with the Kemper? And or, can I run one of my eventides together with the banshee in front of my amp? Thank you so very much for your time, much appreciated!

    • There has to be a microphone, so people can hear the sound of the Banshee. You could put one H9 before the Banshee, and connect the microphone to the PA.

    • Awesome, thank you again!

  • Just wanted to say been messing around with your shimmer rigs. Outstanding had the hairs standing up on my neck very atmospheric and ambient.

  • Hi I'm new here - I tried to find your Fender Dyn DR paults1 profiles - but I can't find them when I search on Rig Exchange

    • Hello, search for "Fender Dyn DR paults" - Rig Exchange truncated the names of versions 1 and 2. If you are looking for them because of the "clean Fender" thread, start with your guitar volume low. These are clean with the guitar volume down, and cranked with it up :)

    • You can put the effects before the Banshee, and then connect the microphone to the regular PA system, so people can hear the sound that comes out of your mouth.

    • Thank you very much my friend. Blessings

  • Thanks for the Uriah Heep tip. Never heard of them. Much appreciated!