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  • Hey there brother. Wanted to see if you are willing to be of service. I noticed you have the banshee hookwd up via the effects loop! I have a non-powerd kemper rack unit running into two powerd monitors. I also have two eventide h9's running in stereo into the effects loop. I want to incorporate the banshee into my rig. My understanding is that if I run the banshee in the front of my rig that I will not be able to use the effects inside the kemper which would include my eventides in the effects loop. Is this true? If so, I wanted to (if possible) run the banshee inline with my two eventide into the effect loop. This option (in theory) would be optimum for I could mix epic eventide egfects with the banshee! Any suggestions on how to hook this up?Thank so much you, Marcus.