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  • I want to thank you for your excellent JTM50 profiles on rig exchange. I put it to good use:…Q6MTI1ODExMTg2MTE5NjIxMA/

  • Hey there. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for those amazing Peacemaker profiles you shared on RM! They are outstanding! Love em'. Keep me posted if you ever post more.

    • thanks for the feedback. Those are pretty old profiles and I haven't done any new ones in a while. Just bought my son a PRS MT-15 so may try that amp. Thanks again. Sean

    • Wow! Old, huh? Well they sound great, Sean. If you ever make some more let me know!

  • Any time. 480-226-0213 if you want to make contact. Sean

  • Sean, Tempe actually and I'd love to pick your brain a bit if available. I'm really a neophyte with most things digital.
    I'll be able to spend some time tomorrow with the unit and I hope to use it direct to FOH on Sunday. I use IEMs and don't need to run a cab on stage. Not sure how my bandmates will feel about this but we're going to find out. I've noticed that there are some things like output volume that I should be aware of and I'll be looking at that tomorrow. Maybe shoot you a question or two if I run into trouble. Thanks.

  • No Problem

  • Thank you very Much for the Mojave profiles they are outstanding!