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  • Hi, If you own or are familiar with the Gemini, I'd like to ask for your help. I just bought a Gemini 1. Its powered at 110w. Problem is it sounds like total ass. Let me explain. When using it with my Kemper full FRFR mode it sounds like a speaker sim being played through a guitar speaker, so spkr+spkr. Turn off the cab on the kemper and its horrible fizzy direct tone. If I turn the empower knob a hair off frfr It sounds like spkr+spkr + woofy mud. It only gets worse the more I turn down the empower knob. (even with cab sim off) I am connecting the Kemper main out xlr to the Gemini. I am using High Quality profiles.(M.Britt,Micheal Wagner,Kemper.etc) Is there a setting on the Kemper that I need to be aware of,for running frfr? I've gone through the output section,but have found nothing to fix this issue. Thanks Bobby

    • you have to switch cab on and be sure that you have the right setting in the output menu

      masters stereo should be set to main output

    • Thanks for your reply, All settings are as you say they should be.I have tried some ownhamer IR's it does sound a bit better, but still sounds boomy muddy spkr into spkr effect.

  • Hi, digbob

    I believe it is 5.0.3
    Thank you very much!