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  • Hola buenas

  • Hi, I have VH4...and have been looking at an amp to compliment in a dual amp recording you like your Mark 5: 25 for that? Cheers, Greg

    • Hey Greg, the Mark V is great, but I'd suggest checking out one before committing in case you have a different tone you're aiming for. The Mark V is a great amp though. Listen to some audio clips. Also, if you have the cash, I would recommend going for the larger version of this, it will have more punch than the 25-watter. Don't get me wrong, it sounds huge and is very loud.

    • Cheers, I watched the official MB video with Andy Timmons and I liked the range of sounds and the versatility! I did have a MB recording rectifier - that I utterly hated - so it took me by surprise I liked anything of theirs so much! I'll have to go for drive one day and check one out!

    • Cheers! A good idea. It’s a common complaint that the rectifiers don’t sound great to a lot of people,. It’s because they have a certain sound they are good for. The Mark V on the other hand is Super versatile: like having five amps in one. They don’t sound exactly the same as the ones they’re based off, but they sound pretty damn good.

  • How's the tube experience going, dude?