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  • Hi Phil,

    I'm considering selling my remote. Never left the house.

    I'm in Tenerife though.

    Would you be interested?



  • I just received my brandnew Matrix Q12 (passive) and I'm experiencing the same sound as you did. I can't find a solution in your thread concerning bad sounds through FRFR. Did you find any solution?

    • Hey. Well, it just sounded poor to me. I got a FR212 from Matrix and it was much better. I couldn't stand the sound of either that or the CLR. And Atomic were absolutely terrible with the return, not bothering to give it to me until I threatened them with the Police. I recommend the FR212, sounds awesome. They might even do you a deal.

    • thanks Phil. meantime they've send me another q12 and this one sound good!

    • that's great. easy fix then!

    • Question for Phil. I am doing final research on buying an unpowered Kemper, a matrix power amplifier, and probably Matrix FRFR speakers. Online the FR212 sounds bass heavy. I play a fair amount of solos, and don't want mushy metal tone on my solos. How well does this speaker work for that application?

  • Hi Phil,