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  • Hi Phil,

    I'm considering selling my remote. Never left the house.

    I'm in Tenerife though.

    Would you be interested?



  • I just received my brandnew Matrix Q12 (passive) and I'm experiencing the same sound as you did. I can't find a solution in your thread concerning bad sounds through FRFR. Did you find any solution?

    • Hey. Well, it just sounded poor to me. I got a FR212 from Matrix and it was much better. I couldn't stand the sound of either that or the CLR. And Atomic were absolutely terrible with the return, not bothering to give it to me until I threatened them with the Police. I recommend the FR212, sounds awesome. They might even do you a deal.

    • thanks Phil. meantime they've send me another q12 and this one sound good!

    • that's great. easy fix then!

    • Question for Phil. I am doing final research on buying an unpowered Kemper, a matrix power amplifier, and probably Matrix FRFR speakers. Online the FR212 sounds bass heavy. I play a fair amount of solos, and don't want mushy metal tone on my solos. How well does this speaker work for that application?

    • Hey Satch. The FRFR was the best sounding FRFR speaker to me. It may well be the design of the cabinet, but whereas the others sounded somewhat sterile to me, the Matrix FRFR had thump and amp like qualities,

      However, saying all of that, I used a Powercab Plus with my Kemper, with the cabs and IR's in the product, and I thought that sounded by far the best of the bunch. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Phil,