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  • Hello, What model pedaltrain are you using for your kemper remote rig? Thanks

  • Hello Drandall, I noticed you have a custom mat/rubber piece on your Mission Engineering EP-1 KP, I tried to find it but had no luck. Could you tell me where you got it from please? Thanks!

  • Hi Drandall, how do you connect your rocktron to your floorboard? I have 1 too, but i don't want to use too much cables on the floor. Hear you back. Ruud

    • The Banshee? I plug it in to the back of my Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 AC jack with a 6" extension cable from the wall wart which is fastenened under the board with velcro and a zip tie.

    • How do you connect it to your kemper?

    • The Banshee works just like any other pedal in your chain but has it's own internal amp so when you switch it on the signal out goes through the tube and nothing goes to the Kemper. The sound out the tube goes to the PA through a mic.

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  • I downloaded the tweaked ADA profile from dropbox, but for some reason Rig Manager keeps giving me the message that, Import Failed, only profiler rigs can be imported. Any idea? Would really like to check this out. I actually bought the Uber MW rokpak, partly because of this profile...

    • I had that happen with a rig exchange profile before too, not really sure why? Must be some bug in the code somewhere