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  • Nice T3B! I'm glad there are others out there other than me!

    • Looks like we have a bunch in common. I play in a church band too. I own a Timeline, but have never put it to good use. I need to dive into meambobbo's patches.

    • Yeah, I tried some of his patches for just a little bit... not a long time, though. I thought they were okay, but for ambient stuff, I think there are more useful patches (most of the "ambient" patches are fine). I think someone should tweak some of his settings to make it a little more useable - then again, I'm not an ambient expert at all. Anyway, how do you like your T3B?

    • Pretty well. Need to get some neck shims to adjust the action. My buddy said that I need to call Taylor and get some from them. Too busy lately to track it down. Any pics of your T3?

    • I don't have pics of my T3B, but I found this one on ebay, which is exactly the one I have:…uitar&hash=item20f81acea0

    • I have an issue with it where the switch doesn't activate the bridge pickup consistently. Other than that it's a great guitar