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  • Hello! I am interested in purchasing your profiles, but I only do PayPal online. Any chance you can send an invoice to [email protected] and we can manage the transaction that way? Thanks!

    • Hi! Thanks for your interest in my profiles. Yes I can send you a Paypal request for payment at the email you specified. Then once I see it in my account I will send you the file directly. It's a ZIP file containing the profiles and a PDF with some gear info. Usually I can send within a few hours of getting payment, just kinda depends on timezone and if I'm near computer. But definitely by end of day. Thanks!!

    • Hello again…so I just tried sending you a paypal request to [email protected] but maybe that's not your Paypal address? because it's saying it's an invalid email. If you want, you could just send me the $9.99 for the profiles thru Paypal and we could do it that way, my address there is [email protected] Most of my transactions go thru my website, but on the occasion I use Paypal it seems to work fine this way. Just let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    • Hello! Just PayPal'd you the funds. You can send the profiles to either [email protected] or [email protected]. Not sure why you got an invalid e mail error. It's the e mail I use for my website. Go figure...Thanks!

    • Thank you!! and I sent you the profiles yesterday to the second address. Hope you dig them :)