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  • Peter Diezel is a friend of mine. He has quite a hard time keeping up his business. So he´s not enthusiastic about the Kemper community sharing profiles of his work. I can send you my Diezel profiles, but you are not allowed to share them any further, let alone make them available online. If this is acceptable for you, tell me an email adress and I send them to you.

    • I can COMPLETELY understand that. As I mentioned, I have a VH4 at home with Diezel fl4 cab as well. I have communicated with Peter a few times on RigTalk. He seems to be a great guy. I would appreciate if you could send me the profiles. I intent them for my use only, and promise not to share or make them available. Really appreciate it. [email protected]

  • I took my Diezel profiles down for the following reason:

  • Hello and thanks for your interest in my profiles!