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  • tks man u have them now can't wait to try them out happy days

  • hi monkey man

    sorry to bother you with my question but can't find diogofis profiles on RE and was wondering if you had them saved my e-mail address is ur would be greatly appreciated if you don't have them handy dont worry about it happy kemper ing.


    Ian Flynn

  • Hi I saw u mention there lately about the best jvm pack any chance you could tell me who that is by?

  • Oh well, we led for 11/12ths of the game in total (105 minutes out of 114), and the opposition hit the front by less than a goal with 1m 45s left on the clock in a 2-hour game.

    Grand Final losses don't come any harder than that. ;(

  • Just a wish for any Magpie fans out there...

    Go the freakin' 'Pies! :D

    HUGE day tomorrow...

  • Happy Bday Duder!

  • Happy Birthday brother a package is finally underway!!

  • Happy birthday brother!

  • Happy birthday to me. Yay!

    As always on this bitter-sweet day, my heart goes out to all my American brothers and sisters. I watched the tragedy live, continuously from the moment it "broke" for a week. It felt like my guts had been yanked from my body, and I've certainly been permanently-affected, just as you guys were.

    Shocking, and unspeakably-tragic. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you all. ;(

  • Welcome to the least-exclusive club on the planet, morimagic!

    Honoured to have you here, mate.

  • Welcome back, Shawn, you Silly Billy, you! :D

  • Welcome to the Monkey Clan™, Syntek.

    Be sure to let me know how you went with those recommendations, eh bro'?

  • Wow, another 2-for-1 offer!

    Welcome, Bruce and Mladen! Thank you for your support; you guys have made my day. :D

  • Happy birthday, Geraldo!

    Hope you're well and that you have a great day, mate. Woohoo! 8o

  • Crumpets!

    Welcome to the Monkey Clan™, CG, and thank you for your support, mate! 8o

    • Most welcome! I like the trademark!

    • Well, you're now officially licensed to use it in any way you please, bud.

      Do me a favour 'though - please don't place it on any sex toys for sale... unless you're gonna offer me a commission. 8o:D

  • Holy cow! A two-for-one offer! 8o

    Welcome, Freeed and Deej09.

    Hopefully I'll be able to live up to your (hopefully very-low) expectations, guys. :D

    Congratulations on your Kempers too, by the way!

  • Hi. I see in an old post that you downloaded a free lasselammert’s profile of a Diezel vh4 with “Adam Jones settings”. Unfortunately that link does not work anymore. Could you please let me try it?

    • Hey mate,

      I've had a look for it and think I've found it.

      I don't know how to add attachments to PM's (don't think it's possible), so if you PM me your email address I'll mail it to you.


    • I attached it in the thread and provided a search string for the RE that isolates it for good measure.

      HTH, mate.

    • You're welcome.

  • Well, the Kemper GT6 club is no more.

    Sony shut down the servers that took care of GT6 online racing and so on.

    I'll reopen / restart the club in GT Sport once I finally manage to procure a PS4, a new wheel (my ancient 14+ year-old one's incompatible), a new headset (mine's incompatible) and the game itself. Been slowly saving for this stuff since late last year, but it looks like it'll take quite a few months yet to get there.

    I'll reopen it, that is, as long as GT Sport allows this; I'm not up with all the features of the new Gran Turismo iteration.

    Sorry if anyone was keen to join the club; there's nothing that can be done about it now that the servers have been shut down. So sorry, guys, and... thank you, Sony. :rolleyes::S

  • Welcome to the gang, Brother Shawn!

    Hey man, hope the recovery's going well and that it's permanent. You know you can call me any time if you need to, mate. ;)

  • The put the fun in dysfunctional :D

  • your joking i gave the mighty Nicky some advise that worked?
    i am freakin out hahaha!!

    • Yup. You da man, Ash... today. :D

      Remember, there's always tomorrow. Plenty of room for stuff-ups in the pipeline, matey. :D <3

  • i used : the that ) to = this :)

    • Genius! Thank you, Brother Ash!

      OK, I figured if we pretend we're going to post (in the forum), select the smilie we'd like to use and hit the BBCode box top-left of the posting window, we get to see what the letter "code" for it is. I just did this, so now I can write... :D


      8o:thumbsup::thumbup:<3 <3 <3

  • i prayed to the dutch gods .freaky fuck too beered cant remember LOL :)

  • love ya mate

    • And I you, brother.

      Say, how did you manage to post that smiley?

      I've never been able to figure out how to do it other than in the forum itself.


  • Good to see you back mate

    • Thanks brother.

      It really does help my depression to feel appreciated. I can't overstate how much it helps, man!

  • Welcome back Monkster!!

    • Hey, thanks Nick!

      Welcome to my wall, mate. Here, take a look... it's got bricks... and mortar and stuff!
      [poses like a bikini girl, gesturing with hands towards the wall as if to assign value to it... when we all know there is none...]

  • Welcome Dean & Joe!

    Honoured to have you guys on board, man (men?).

    So, all I have to do is have a nervous breakdown, disappear for 5 months and lose 5 kilos and it buys me 2 new followers? Hmm... I might be onto something here...

  • I saw your post about wahs and the talk box effects. Can the Kemper do a convincing intro to 'Sweet emotion' talk box? I know my fractal could not.


  • Gran Turismo Sport is out today.

    'Tis a thing of awesome beauty, and Sam and I will be moving from PS3 & GT6 over to PS4 and GTS soon. I'm even going to sacrifice music savings in order to be able to make this happen; there's no other way. I can be forgiven I guess 'cause the only games I've bought since the old ATARI 2600 days, back in the early '80s, have been those in the GT series (since the late '90s). I've had to buy consoles and steering wheels, obviously, but only for exclusive use with Gran Turismo. This title has been years in the making, as is Polyphony Digital's way.

    The Kemper club I set up in GT6, if I can do it, will be recreated in GT Sport, so the open invitation still stands to any and all Kemper users who'd like to jump in. All you need is a headset, the console and the game, obviously. Driving talent is definitely not necessary.