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  • Best profiles so far on this RE!

  • Thanks Bro! Your too!

  • Your first follower, George. You know why. Never give up, bro'.

    • Hi. I have a quadzillion commercial rigs from some of the greats but I tried your rigs off the exchange and I must say they are EXACTLY what I am looking for . With my Les Paul into a Laney 4 X 4 there are none I can fault. Very well done. and thanks you.

    • Wow! Thanks! I have a few that I like out there, but you should try combining the cabs from my profiles with others out there and I think they sound better to my ears. I like the TopJimi profiles, but Ai like them better when I combined with my cabs. I hope you make beautiful music with my profiles! Thanks you!

    • Ramjam, just 'cause you're from Cape Town and I'm an ex South African doesn't mean you can jump on this bandwagon with me. Leave George alone, bro'. I found him first! LOL

    • hehehehehe - The sun is shining here :)

    • You've got me seriously beaten there bud. Melbourne's weather really is the crappiest of any civilised city I've been to.